Success Stories

Dr. Rosen’s program helped us transform our practice.
When I started the program, we averaged $15-$25 per visit. Within 6 months we are at $95/visit.
I used to give away visit 1 and 2. We are now $250-$500/visit and we are waitlisted! We are 100% internal referrals, 0 advertising. We have nearly a 100% sign up rate and our PVA went from very low to over 80. Thank you Dr. Rosen!
0 advertising, not in phone book 100% internal referrals

Dr. Andre Camelli

Russ’s communication system REVOLUTIONISED the way I interact with my patients. I no longer felt any need to have to push or feel like a salesman. I was better able to find out what my patients wanted and effortless enroll them in care. I had a heart centred tool kit to address problems, concerns and show my patients a bigger and brighter future. My conversion to care is now consistently over 85%, my internal referrals doubled, and retention went from 65 to 115. But…for me, more important than any of those numbers was the enjoyment that I started to experience in practice after implementing Russ’s systems.

Dr. Angus Pyke

Brock McCurdy
Barcelona, Spain

"Been using this system for 9 months and love the Care vs. Scare model. This process has really helped my Team to work together to grow the practice and has taken a lot of stress off of my shoulders. It is now rare that someone does not want to bring in their family after visit 1 and 2 which is very different from before. In 5 months we went from 35 per day to 60 per day. Things are now solid and congruent!"

Misty Thorne
Chislenhurst, England

“He has really helped me with my confidence, getting my point across, keeping on time and my PVA!"

Jodi Dinnerman
Founder of SEWP

"Here is what I love most about Dr. Rosen. He makes you feel like you can do anything… everyone of my ideas I have had Dr. Rosen has supported me to go get vs. shooting them down! Double thumbs up!!"

Ginette St. Pierre
Ontario, Canada

"Dr. Rosen has really helped me introduce new techniques into my practice! Whatever questions I’ve got he has the answers to!"

David McCann
San Diego, California

"Wanted help integrating my TCD program (Detox) into my Chiropractic practice. It completely changed the way I think when I bring in new patients and talk with existing patients. By learning to ask the right questions it has helped me immensely!"

Joel Martenson
Kearney, Nebraska

"Almost everyone signs up for longterm care and 9/10 new patients are internal referrals."

Heidi Cooper
Dallas, Texas

"Dr. Rosen provides all of the tools for success in your practice, especially when it comes to root cause solutions and optimal health for a lifetime."

Michael Winters
Paducah, KY

"Our collections have doubled and we have had patients drive or fly from 21 states to receive care!"

Krista Finley
Kansas City, Missouri

"He’s really taken the stress off our practice and I’m so much more comfortable talking about money."

Phil Ricchiazzi
Los Feliz, California

"Almost everyone signs up for longterm care and 9/10 new patients are internal referrals."

Deniece Krebs
Fisherville, Kentucky

"I sold more TCD care packages ($8,000 each) in 9 days than I did in the previous 2 years!"

Angus Pyke
Melbourne, Australia

"I immediately found a heart-centered way to communicate - retention doubled, sign up rate improved, and I was able to raise my prices."

My experience working with Dr. Russ Rosen and the OHC System

After 37 years in practice I have found that the practice always functions at a higher level with a coach. I have had multiple coaches over the years and have learned from all of them, some more than others. After a few years I would master their system (in my opinion anyway) and would decide to go on my own for a while. Momentum would carry for a year or more then the downswing would start, and It is time to get coached again. I was looking for a coach when I ran across the Chiropractic Summit and Dr. Rosen. We connected and it was off to the races.


I knew I needed help with communications and systems and Dr. Rosen delivered. Of all the coaches I have had, his communications systems are the best. As a result, my Patient visits have increased, New patient sign up rate has improved dramatically, regularly getting family referrals and collections have increased dramatically as well. We run a cash practice, only exception is non- participating Medicare.


Patients are “getting it” much more with my better understanding of the communication process. Not that I did not know what to say, but how to say it so it gets through.


His systems will also help with staff training, business end of things, and marketing. 


I can honestly say that Dr. Russ’s communications is refreshingly different from any other coaching I have had and has probably made the biggest impact in the improvements made in my practice.


Having interviewed several coaches before deciding, you will find his fees to be reasonable and I believe of excellent value.


If you are new to practice, Dr. Russ can help you get off to a great start, You will have all the systems you need in place. If you have been at it a while, like myself, I have found the old stuff no longer works, It’s a new day and a new mindset, his system will overcome the barriers.


As a current update, Since the COVID 19 fiasco, April 2020 was a crash where I basically made overhead and payroll, May was at least profitable and by June we were back rolling at nearly 100%. That was not just by accident.


Miguel Cruz DC

The first 12 years I spent as a chiropractor various mentors and coaches told me what I needed to do to be successful. I never had a comfort level, never felt secure in my approach or success. I believe it was 2006 when I decided to take a chance on Dr. Rosen's coaching. He was the first coach, or mentor, to help me escape rigid scripts and business protocols. His scripts were adaptable to what I wanted to accomplish as a "low volume" AK practitioner. The show and tell aspect of what he taught me to incorporate in exams and treatments explodes most people's minds to their hidden potential. The result was I slowly developed into the chiropractor who is totally at ease in practice and telling "my" version of the chiropractic story to anyone anywhere. I'm not sure this would have happened without the scripts, help and encouragement of Dr. Rosen. If you need help finding your voice, I cannot recommend Dr. Rosen highly enough.

Patrick Dougherty

Spokane, Wa.

I was “raised” in the “patient scare” model of Chiropractic. I was a master at signing patients up for long periods of care so their spines wouldn’t degenerate any further. What I missed is that subluxation degeneration is such a small piece of the puzzle and that fear, in the long run, is not a healthy motivating factor. Through coaching with Dr. Russ I’ve learned to inspire my patients to have long term care because of the health and wellness benefits that it offers them.

Much Love & Gratitude,


Biddeford, Me.

I have to say that coaching with Dr. Rosen has been one of the single best decisions I have made in my life. In my belief that the interconnectedness of things are undeniable, all the positive changes that have occurred in my practice and my life stem from our work together. With your steady guiding hand you’ve allowed me to get the most from myself and, in turn, all others around me. Your coaching-style, mentoring and friendship have helped me want to be a better person, father, husband, son, chiropractor and friend.

Michael Acanfora, D.C.​

Bayonne, NJ

I've employed quite a few Chiropractic coaches over the past 25+ years.  Dr Rosen is the best, period!  He is not just knowledgeable and experienced.  He actually asks what you want, where you want to go.  Then, by use of Socratic method he gets you there!  It works for me because he calls me on my crap, but he does it so gently that it becomes me calling me on my own crap!  He really is quite phenomenal!

Dave Basista

San Jose, CA

Coaching and mentorships of any kind are extremely beneficial, especially in the early years of private practice. As I continued my education beyond chiropractic school, honed in on my most effective clinical methods, and sought out advanced therapies and techniques - the guidance of an experienced practice consultant helped me decide what roads were worth traveling to make the biggest impact on my clinical outcomes and the business side of practice management. 

We started working with Dr. Rosen at the very beginning of August 2019, and we’ve already seen a dramatic shift in both the clinical and business aspects of our practice.  While we’ve worked with other consultants in our five years of individual practice, we’ve never had a coach who knew and truly understood all the advanced methodologies (QNRT, QST, AK etc) we utilize in our practice until Dr. Rosen. And that has made a huge difference. Our patients are leaving with a better understanding of our advanced techniques, our staff is more effective and efficient and communicating better than ever, and I’m more confident in my abilities both as a doctor and a manager. The content we’ve gone over so far hasn’t been revolutionary, but focusing on the little things and making tweaks to pieces we’re already doing is giving us great results, and we look forward to our calls every week. 

With our previous practice coach, we got to a point in our relationship where we outgrew it. I appreciate that Dr. Rosen doesn’t have long term contracts and if we feel the need to move in a different direction, that he’s willing to let us pursue that. He truly has our best interests as the priority and while he has tried and true methods as core coaching curriculum, everything’s still completely individualized to our meet our needs. He’s added tremendous value to our clinic in a short amount of time. Between our early successes along with his track record of helping practitioners like me build waiting list practices gives me every confidence that this will be a long and successful partnership.

Joel Martenson

Kearney Nebraska

My husband and I are both Chiropractors and own a multi-disciplinary clinic that offers Chiropractic, Nutrition, Acupuncture and QNRT. Our office wasn't "symptomatic" (or so we thought), but it wasn't "thriving".  We had never hired a coach before but after our office manager and I watched some of Dr. Rosen's videos, we realized we needed some help.  

We started coaching with Dr. Russ less than a month ago.  So far, it has been one of the best decisions for our staff, practitioners and clinic.  The systems and procedures that Dr. Rosen has put together for (any style of) Chiropractic office is amazing. He is very respectful of our style of practice and is helping us make it stronger (not trying to change it into something it's not.)  

One of the many things we appreciate about Dr. Rosen is his constant communication via zoom calls, conference calls and emails.  His accessibility and quick responses have helped us tremendously.  I also appreciate his ability to "diagnose" the problem and help us implement a system to improve it. (He has a system for everything and it's super organized!)  

Lastly, one of the main reasons we chose to work with Dr. Rosen is because he understood all of the services in our office (especially QNRT.)  He is helping us educate our patients in a way they "get it" and understand how emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stress could be causing their subluxation.  

Thanks Dr. Rosen!  We look forward to our staff, practitioners and patients "thriving" in our office once again with your help!

Drs. Jarrod and Melissa Brennan

Rochester, Mn

This is now several months later, it is now June of 2020, things are coming back online post COVID initial shut down. Here is what Chelsea their office manager wanted to add… Although we took an initial dip with stats - our graphs show a steady upward trend since April. As Melissa mentions when most people are shutting down or staying shut down we have been able to get back to a normal level of production. We just had a 19 new patient week - the last time we had that many new patients was July of 2019. Marketing suggestions have been really helpful with us reaching our patients. We have gotten out there to our database via social media, emails and postcards. Socractic questions have been a game changer in many aspects of working with patients, staff, and potential patients. Handling staff and their concerns has improved as well - system wise it has made this process much easier for everyone. 


In Health, 


Chelsea Mickelson

Office Manager

I’ll be honest - I had to talk Joel into working with Dr. Rosen when the opportunity first became available. After our previous experience with a practice coach, he saw little benefit in getting back into paid mentorship. I signed up for Dr. Rosen’s Optimal Health Summit Webinar series last fall and watched all the videos. And all I could think while I was watching them was…this guy gets it! He understands not just our “why” but also our techniques and how to to get patients to understand their value. So I signed us up as soon as I could and convinced him later after our first consultation. I figured even if Joel didn’t get anything out of the clinical management end of things, with his experience and relationships with the docs in the videos I watched, I felt like Dr Rosen would be able to help me on the business end of things. I don’t have a formal business degree, and while I have small business management experience, there are some areas I felt like if we were going to continue to grow, I needed to keep looking for good outside resources. 

I’ve truly appreciated the opportunity to work with Dr. Rosen these last three months. A cookie cutter protocol for success in the chiropractic field was not going to help us keep building this movement in our state and everything Rosen has had us do so far has been 100% applicable to our practice. The operating system implementation has improved staff communication and management and given us the confidence to upgrade our EMR software. And knowing that he’s an email away if I get into a tough situation or need a resource has saved me a lot of anxiety, sleepless nights, and frantic searches. I’ve also seen the positive changes in Joel’s interactions with patients and staff. He’s always been very good about speaking to patients in easy to understand ways, but working with Dr. Rosen has given him more confidence in explaining our advanced techniques (QNRT, QST, PEMF etc) to patients and make little changes that make patients feel at ease with both their care and their treatment plans which ultimately has produced higher patient retention, treatment plan compliance, and income. I feel like we’re just scratching the surface of our potential and that’s an awesome feeling, especially knowing that we have a strong ally to help us continue grow and expand our practice. 

Lynsey Martenson

Clinic Business Director

Dr. Rosen has played such an integral part in turning my office around, I cannot say enough good things about this guy.  Not only did he introduce me to the current techniques that I’m providing in my office (including QNRT), but he has coached me on how to seamlessly integrate them into a fairly traditional office.  

He not only helps me implement and learn the techniques, but his way of providing the correct communication to patients is fantastic!!  Of course, I always know what I want to say, but it doesn’t always come across to patients with the same understanding.  He makes it seem and sound so effortless.  He is THE master at communication!!

I credit two things for turning my practice around, and making it so that I now love going into work every day.  Number one is QNRT, and number two is having Dr. Rosen as my mentor (in no specific order).  

If you are struggling in your office, or have changed techniques, or are thinking about doing so yet may be a little apprehensive because of existing procedures and/or communication, please add Dr. Rosen to your team.  You will never regret doing so.  I cannot say enough about Dr. Rosen, both as a coach, and as a human being.  He’s as much a life coach, as he is a chiropractic or healthcare mentor.  Thank you Dr. R!!

Lindsey Hattersley

Working with Dr. Russ supports me to grow my business to new levels.  He has been able to help me communicate what I do to patients in a very specific way to my style of practice. That is the key word, "my style". Dr. Russ gives you a template to work on, but helps you adapt everything he teaches to your specific needs and style. Everything is personalized.  He has also helped with running a business from helping me better train and hire staff, creating training manuals and procedures to make the clinic run more smoothly and efficiently. Dr. Russ has helped me see more of my value in myself, which has increased my bottom line. Having someone on my team to grow personally and professionally lets me live my authentic life and better serve my patients.  

Dr. Ginette St.Pierre

Chiropractor, Ontario Canada

I was interested in what Dr. Rosen had to say simply because he was involved with QN and I was hooked once he had started to discuss the neurology of communication – that has always been one of my weak points in practice.

Even though I was more confident in practice and getting great results with people, I was starting to get really frustrated because I wasn’t able to keep many patients past short term relief care.  That really bothered me because I had a lot of patients who had problems that I believe could be improved with care, but when I would discuss it with my patients, many of them seemed convinced that chiropractic was only good for neck and back pain.  

Dr. Rosen has helped me come to better understanding of how to communicate the goals of care and what and how we are using QN to strengthen and expand their nervous system to improve their health.  

It really helps that he has been through the program and actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to trying to explain the concepts and he uses this knowledge to really tailor his coaching and QN to my practice. 

Now, rather than most patients stopping care when they feel better, I have patients flat out saying to me stuff like “so…it sounds like it would be a good idea to come in to get checked even when I feel good, you know to make sure my spine and nervous system are working right?”

That’s a great feeling for me.  I’ve heard other docs talk about having a true wellness practice and their patients really “getting it,” but I’ve never experienced it.  Like I said, not there yet but well on the way and practice is starting to be fun again.  

Long story short, Love QN.  Love Rosen’s coaching. Put them together and even better things happen!  

-Dr. Ray, QN Specialist

My name is Tim Garcia, I am a chiropractor in California. I have been a TCD
practitioner for about one month, or so, when Dr. Russ Rosen graciously offered his
coaching services for a group of the TCD practitioners. The coaching was offered to me
and I was hesitant at first because I have had coaching before, and I was satisfied with
what my office was producing. My interest was now in adding the TCD component to
my practice.
After thinking about what I might learn and to add another dimension and perspective to
my life and practice, I decided to join Dr. Rosen.
The coaching system and technique that Dr. Rosen utilizes with his clients is unique and
comprehensive. He also engages with us personally, his personal touch in group
sessions. To me this was very valuable. His depth of research and knowledge of
communication is enriching in not only your practice life, but also in your personal life.
To get clarity of what you are about and the direction you want to pursue, Dr. Rosen
facilitates the process. There are no scripts but concepts in his coaching. He gives you
what you can use for your situation. I recommend his coaching to anybody who needs or
desires a coach to help with professional growth. Thank you Dr. Rosen.

Tim Garcia, D.C.

I’ve enjoyed the course. I like the way it is laid out with each lesson building on the last taking
us through the lifecycle of a client. It has reinforced a lot of tenants I already use in my practice
as a naturopath, health and nutrition coach, and personal trainer. The course also put additional
structure around communicating with clients and prospects increasing my efficiency and
effectiveness to support these clients and incorporate programs such as True Cellular Detox. I
believe it’s valuable and fitting for any practitioner wanting to grow their practice and
incorporate programs and packages with the client’s well-being in mind and not sounding

Bruce Cooper, N.D.

Dr. Andre Camelli

"Thank you for helping me transform my practice to one I we are absolutely in love with! We are waitlisted, zero advertising, 100% referral-based practice, nearly 100% sign up rate, we used to collect $15 - $24 per visit and currently averaging $95 per visit!"

Dr. Angus Pyke

Dr. Ray Alexander after coaching with us for just a few months

"In the past I was afraid to tell patients what they needed.
Dr. Rosen taught me how to make it their idea and they want it.
If you need a coach, Russ Rosen is the man."

Dr. Michael Winters

Doctor, if your pastor or spiritual advisor comes to you — would you have to change anything in your first visit or report of findings and case presentation — would you need to change what you say or more importantly how you say it? If you would – you need to study Dr. Russ Rosen’s material. With his material you could confidently present long term wellness care with integrity and comfort to your pastor and anyone else in your community. (I am not talking about donating the care either.) Dr. Rosen and his teachings are first class.

Michelle Neilson

Barcelona, Spain

"I have traveled all around the world going to seminars trying to patch it all together myself. Russ’s program gives you everything you could possibly need in one place with all of the protocols, scripts, mindset, staff, everything you could possibly need for a wellness practice."

Dr. Anthea Holder

Theo Koenen

Lisbon, Portugal

"I was overwhelmed with all of the materials yet also very excited what it could do with my practice. I jumped in on a call with Dr. Rosen, it was an amazing experience, he reignited my passion and made it all real and easy for me."

Dr. Nathan Jenner and myself have been coaching with Russ Rosen for over a year now and one of the best tools we have found has been his series of talks and workshops. The talks are engaging and Russ’s tools to get them up and running are AMAZINGLY detailed. Thanks Russ for helping us grow our practice with these talks and helping us implement them so we can better reach our mission for a healthier happier community!

Dr. Anthea Holder

Toby Colliver

Cobham, England

"Coaching with Dr. Angie my numbers are up, takings have improved, hours have reduced, work life balance is so much better than it used to be. Helped with confidence, clarity, certainty, what chiropractic is about, how to get message across and putting us back in the forefront of the wellness revolution."

Matthew Griffith

Hunting Beach, California

"Why scrape from the bottom when you can learn from the best. Within 2 years we have taken a failing practice to collections over ¾ of a million dollars. He maximized my personality traits, my ability to communicate with my patients, installed systems in my practice which got my staff to grow the practice."

We’ve Done Some Great Things Together.

Each of the stories on this page comes from a passionate practitioner who was ready for change and willing to take the steps necessary to build a solid foundation and a bright future.

Michael Ennis

Houston, Texas

"I always had a problem with other coaches who did not really get a true wellness practice. Dr. Rosen is one of the only guys I have met who actually walks that talk of true wellness! It is uncanny how he knows what I need to hear!"

Danny Constable

Frankfurt Germany

"We have doubled patient numbers and results have stayed the same or gotten better! Stick with the program, make it your own, make it appropriate for you and how you practice, and you too will get results!"

Amanda Rammel

"I needed better more effective way to educate my patients on Chiropractic, Health and Wellness. Since working with Dr. Rosen more and more patients are choosing health and wellness care. Even if they just wanted pain relief. I notice they end up coming back and eventually signing up for health and wellness care. I highly recommend coaching with Dr. Rosen."

Greg Venning

Glasglow, Scotland

"I wanted a lifelong wellness practice vs. pain based. In the past I have worked with other coaches but didn’t really see the immediate benefits in my practice. As soon as started working with Dr. Angie I saw immediate difference and results! After 9 months of coaching I feel happier in my practice, spending less time in practice, less worry out of hours, pay has doubled, am a lot clearer on concepts like health care and chiropractic and much more. Commit to the process and jump in with both feet!"

Brock McCurdy

Barcelona, Spain

"Been using this system for 9 months and love the Care vs. Scare model. This process has really helped my Team to work together to grow the practice and has taken a lot of stress off of my shoulders. It is now rare that someone does not want to bring in their family after visit 1 and 2 which is very different from before. In 5 months we went from 35 per day to 60 per day. Things are now solid and congruent!"

Dr. Rosen’s DISC Behavioral Style teleconference is fabulous, very fun, and interactive. It has helped me to understand the differences in each category of behavior so that I can better relate, connect, and communicate to others in my practice and in my life. By understanding the other docs and CA’s behavioral styles and listening to their responses, it became more real. The feedback from Dr. Rosen and the group really made the information very practical. I definitely have more of an understanding and awareness as to how to communicate more effectively. Thanks, Russ.

Dr. Lori Krauss, D.C.

Erin Purdle

Barcelona, Spain

"In 6 months we improved my PVA from 23 to 41. The reason is we able to explain the benefits of long term care to our patients."

Matt Deegan


"Yesterday on 5 re-exams I booked a total of 120 new patient visits! All the stress has gone out of my practice! See what they have to offer. It is totally different!"

I was “raised” in the “patient scare” model of Chiropractic. I was a master at signing patients up for long periods of care so their spines wouldn’t degenerate any further. What I missed is that subluxation degeneration is such a small piece of the puzzle and that fear, in the long run, is not a healthy motivating factor. Now, I’m learning to inspire my patients to have long term care because of the health and wellness benefits that it offers them.

Dr. Ellie Rolnick, D.C.

Emily Tresize


"Dr. Rosen has given me such guidance, clarity, confidence and inspiration! He knows what you are going through and knows how to help you! My certainty, philosophy, purpose, right down to daily interactions has had an overhaul and the results are there to prove it. Russ’s guidance will be an investment in your future."

Dr. Ange Wellman

"My confession, “I am addicted to programs”. This all changed by doing this program. It is the first program that really makes sense and doesn’t give me that “Ick” feeling. These guys really care and want to support us. The value of this program is amazing!"

Matthew Griffith

Dr. Nathan Jenner and myself have been coaching with Russ Rosen for over a year now and one of the best tools we have found has been his series of talks and workshops. We run the Fast Track to Health talk each week for the new patients that have begun care. The patients LOVE the information and when they bring their partners with them, those partners will undoubtedly book in as new patients after the talk. The talks are engaging and Russ’s tools to get them up and running are AMAZINGLY detailed. You need nothing else apart from his material and the time to listen and implement them. But the time is very much worth it.

We also run stress and wellness talks in local business’s and patients sporting and community groups. We use Russ’s how to open and close empowerment series with each workshop we hold. Due to the simplicity of the presentation and the use of the stories it certainly leads to many new patients seeing the benefit of chiropractic care for their health and wellness.

Thanks Russ for helping us grow our practice with these talks and helping us implement them so we can better reach our mission for a healthier happier community!

Dr. Anthea Holder

I know I’m preaching to the choir here but I just have to say that the information that I am gorging myself on (I mean that in a complimentary way Russ Rosen) is absolutely amazing. I’ve been in practice 36 years and have never heard such honest, caring, instructional information in all my career. I have been through 4 management groups and it has always been scare tactics and that patients are ignorant of what to do. The psychology of what to say, how to say it and why we say it is all spelled out and makes so much sense. It struck me when I heard you say we need to honor our patients and respect their decisions. Those are some of the kindest words I have ever heard a chiropractic teacher (not management consultant ) say. Just like what we want the patient to think, “It makes so much sense.” I’ve got about 20 hours of this over the last week. Playing, stopping, writing notes replaying. I do feel like the patient who finally gets it. I’ve always believed in the principles of chiropractic and known the philosophy well, being a Life grad. But why wasn’t it working for me? I educated (talked) too much, told them too much, didn’t ask the right questions or enough questions or was never consistent enough. It was what I was told to say in my scripts. I said the words and didn’t believe them. I see now their reptilian brain wasn’t buying it, or that I was nice enough ,but once they were better they were gone. Didn’t give them a way out. Didn’t allow them to save face.
So I said all that to say Mahalo, Russ. I FINALLY have the right tools and am in the process of learning to use them. I have hope and am excited for my future.
For those of you who may have started but slacked off, get back in there.
Alan Ludwig

“I have to say that coaching with Dr. Rosen has been one of the single best decisions I have made in my life. In my belief that the interconnectedness of things are undeniable, all the positive changes that have occurred in my practice and my life stem from our work together. With your steady guiding hand you’ve allowed me to get the most from myself and, in turn, all others around me. Your coaching-style, mentoring and friendship have helped me want to be a better person, father, husband, son, chiropractor and friend.”
~ Michael Acanfora, D.C. Bayonne, NJ

“Russ’s communication system REVOLUTIONISED the way I interact with my patients. I no longer felt any need to have to push or feel like a salesman. I was better able to find out what my patients wanted and effortless enroll them in care. I had a heart centred tool kit to address problems, concerns and show my patients a bigger and brighter future. My conversion to care is now consistently over 85%, my internal referrals doubled, and retention went from 65 to 115. But…for me, more important than any of those numbers was the enjoyment that I started to experience in practice after implementing Russ’s systems.”
~ Angus Pyke, D.C. Port Melbourne, Australia

“In my mind I always understood and had a passion about the healing principles of Chiropractic but struggled to find a clear and concise way to express these ideas to my practice members. My ideal practice of subluxation based family wellness was always a dream. In only just a few months working with Dr. Rosen I am living my dream.
My collections are up over 27%, my PVA has increased by 20 visits, and we are serving more people than we could have ever imagined a year ago. December and January are usually slower months but this year we are having so many referrals that there is a three week wait for all new practice members.
The only thing I have changed in the last year is the way I communicate Chiropractic using Dr. Rosen’s system. Practice members now truly understand the potential of Chiropractic, wanting more of what I have to offer and referring to the office. It is amazing how simple it was to do and how much easier and more fun being a Chiropractor has become. Thanks Dr. Rosen!”
~ Kris Arnold, D.C. Bedford, PA

I just wanted to share with you a win that happened this AM. Last week we had a NP that called with HA since grade school (30 years). $ was a big factor for her. I put together 2 plans, she chose the lesser of the 2 and is paying $800 up front for her care for the next 3 months. Before, these patients may have come in for 3-5 visits and then we never heard from them again. The little changes and tweaks that you have helped me make have made a big difference in the practice. Not just $ and patient numbers, but I am having fun again communicating the truth to my patients (not that I was lying before). The “hounding” is gone and I am starting to take back the asylum from the inmates.

Thanks for all of your help and guidance. Shawn

PS. The NP headaches disappeared after her 2nd adjustment, before the lump payment was made.”
~ Shawn Kapper, D.C. Dover, OH

“Dr. Rosen’s program helped us transform our practice. When I started the program, we averaged $15-$25 per visit. Within 6 months we were at $95/visit. I used to give away visit 1 and 2. We are now $250-$500/visit and we are waitlisted! We are 100% internal referrals, 0 advertising. We have nearly a 100% sign up rate and our PVA went from very low to over 80. Thank you Dr. Rosen! 0 advertising, not in phone book, 100% internal referrals!”
~ Andre J. Camelli, D.C. Corfland, OH

“I was “raised” in the “patient scare” model of Chiropractic. I was a master at signing patients up for long periods of care so their spines wouldn’t degenerate any further. What I missed is that subluxation degeneration is such a small piece of the puzzle and that fear, in the long run, is not a healthy motivating factor. Now, I’m learning to inspire my patients to have long term care because of the health and wellness benefits that it offers them.”
~ Ellie Rolnick, D.C. Biddeford, ME

“Of the 100′s of doctors using my website, CashPractice.com, Dr. Rosen’s coaching clients are among some of my favorite clients. They just get chiropractic! They all speak so highly of Dr. Rosens ability to help them see the big picture of how chiropractic and wellness are synonomous. Dr. Rosen shares my vision – helping doctors succeed in a wellness-based model of chiropractic. If you are considering hiring a coach who is on-purpose, you definitely want to talk to Dr. Rosen.”
~ Miles Bodzin, DC CEO CashPractice.com

“I implemented Dr. Russ’s screening protocol in a local screening we did and our success rate went from about 20% to over 90%. Yes, we went from about 2 out of every ten people signing up, to 9 out of ten people signing up! Russ simply gave us the languaging and order for the tools that we ALREADY HAD to communicate the information that we ALREADY KNEW. In a nutshell, Russ has done this for me in every component of my practice. I had all of the tools, all of the language; I just got stuck on order. And once it was all in order, things took off. And they continue to. Thank you Russ (again). You are a rock star!”
~ Jodi Dinnerman, D.C. New Jersey

“An amazing thing is happening. I am having the most wonderful time implementing your LAASR procedures every moment. Practice is really beginning be fun as I connect the dots not only in the exam, which is so much more cool, but with every single adjustment everyday. WOW, I didn’t know that would happen! I go in with a new sense of purpose every morning, like it really matters – life and death with what I am doing and saying. I have been doing all of this stuff for years, I just never knew how to say it to patients.”
~ Gurutrang Singh, D.C. Herndon, VA

“A great story: A week after I began my coaching journey with Dr. Rosen I was touching my patients with an afferent hand (not just pounding down the high spots) when I noticed a familiar pattern in the spine and nervous system of this lady. I asked her if I could ask a question, she replied yes, and I asked if she was experiencing anger in her life because that is what I was seeing in her nervous system pattern. She turned over almost in shock and said to me that she was going to leave her husband that next week that she had had enough. She was blown away that I could detect that in her body without asking or knowing her family. Her next question was ‘Dr. Howard , do you think Chiropractic can help my 14 year old granddaughter she has attempted suicide 3 times and is now doing self mutilation.’ I found her a chiropractor in Boise Idaho and she began that week. My patient reported to me the following week that she was not leaving her husband and that her granddaughter is back, Her mother is able to leave her alone without the fear she will take her own life and she is a happy girl again. (the grand daughter had been institutionalized 3 times prior).

I should tell you the story about the guy who wasn’t able to make love to his wife for 3 years and is now able to. This all has happened in two weeks time. Damn I love my life!!!! Dr. Rosen; my new favorite weapon is the L.A.A.S.R. you sent me, WOW how powerful questions are. Not only are my patients lives changing so is my life. Much Thanks”
~ Greg Howard, D.C. Frederick, OK

“Since beginning coaching with Russ I have become a better communicator, in that I ask more than I tell, and I am able to listen to the patient, find out what they want and then show them how to get it. I feel that this tool, let alone the problem solving that occurs during our weekly individual coaching sessions, has allowed my practice to grow from a clinic that had lost money for several years prior to me purchasing it, to almost doubling patient volume and recording a profit in my first year. I am confident that by coaching with Russ, I will continue to reach my goals as well as push past them to even greater levels of success.”
~ Kent McLeod, D.C. Glendale, WI

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Rosen for a few years now after working with many other coaches over the last 25 years. Although I definitely got great value from the other coaches , my work with Dr. Rosen has been astounding. His approach of taking any challenge and first getting to the truth of it in a way that is freeing and empowering has made a tremendous change in my practice and my life. Through his training and guidance I have mastered screenings and lectures to the point that I know I have an endless supply of New Patients from external events. His help with staff management also has been so freeing and respectful. The coaching he does with my staff always hits the nail on the head so they are not only more effective in their position but more empowered and happier. I think the best indicator is the hundreds of coaching calls that invariably bring an easier breath, a smile and a lightness to my day knowing the way forward will bring success. Russ, you are so appreciated!!!!!!”
~ Yours in Health, Dr. Heather Rice, Vermont

“Just wanted to thank you for that last interview with Angus & Tony. You weren’t kidding man…that was some powerful stuff. I just completed the 10 min process and….wow!…some real shifts in awareness. I knew “theoretically” that some much deeper nastier junk was in there somewhere but I had a story that it would take something huge to get to it (or just many years). But that ridiculously simple process is like psychic dynamite. Still feel stuff shifting as I write this. I wonder if you can overdo this? 15 min? An hour? All day?? Not that I have the stamina, just curious what might happen!

Anyway, I’m beginning to ramble. Thanks again for all your incredible gifts. I have gotten great value from them.”
~ Be Well, Fred Blum

“Working with Russ on screening material has helped us really communicate chiropractic and get high quality people that understand they have a health problem and not a back problem. The “Whole Story” concept is really the most unique and valuable concept to produce great results at screenings and in practice. His screening program will transform your screening experience and increase your results at the initial visit and ROF decision time. It is not enough to say what you need to say, you have to get them to repeat it back and that will dictate their future actions. I have a heart full of gratitude for all that you do for doctors and the profession and for all the potential patients that so badly need us to communicate in an empowering care model. Thanks!”
~ Jenny Hau, Screener, CA, Office Manager

“Thanks for all of your words of wisdom at the seminar on the weekend. I have already used them and I am evaluating every interaction and checking it against LAASR. The Platinum package of all of your material is pure ‘gold’. While under your tutelage over the last year my practice has grown by over $50k. Talk about value for money! Now with this new material and the revamped Health Care Class I expect to reach new heights. Recession? What Recession?” Yours in abundant good health and prosperity,
~ Keith Hammond, D.C. New Zealand

“Dr. Rosen, I wanted to take the time to write to you and thank you for the wonderful coaching. Since we started working together many things have changed for the better, in my office and my mind. The biggest shift for me was the concept of hitting the bulls-eye with each and every adjustment on every person.”

~ Dr. Matt Allen Oklahoma

“I have had two great coaching experiences prior to meeting Dr. Rosen. My office has wonderful team and systems. However, I had never been able to push thru my glass ceiling. After first speaking with Russ, I realized I did not know how to effectively communicate with my clients. The LAASR communication system has made me conscious of how and more importantly “why” I communicate. I no longer feel I’m scaring my clients into care, they are now making an informed choice built on an open trusting relationship. I’m a firm believer a coach can take you no further than they have been themselves. Dr. Rosen offers an extremely personalized level of coaching built on compassion and accountability.”

~ Melissa Kolb Wisconsin

“Many thanks to Dr. Russ Rosen for helping me re-establish my passion for Chiropractic. Through your techniques I have changed my communication with my patients from a scare model to a care model. I am inspired to treat patients again and truly love the care I am providing. Thank you Dr. Russ and Rosen Coaching.”

~ Dr. Richard Hunn Illinois

“I had the opportunity of hearing Dr Russ Rosen at our Lyceum and this past weekend for an entire seminar. We took the whole team and all 10 of us left with ideas, strategies and a reawakening of our calling as a practice and why we are here serving the community. Dr Russ has a wonderful communication style laid back, amiable and very kiwi in nature, yet his message was clear concise and powerful. His study and refinement of communication was reflected in the depth, breadth of quality of the tools he shares. Thank you Russ for sharing and raising the bar here in New Zealand.”
~ Dr. Simon Kelly Vice President New Zealand Chiropractors Association

It Ain’t About the Money’

Russ has been telling me this for 3 years now. I should have believed him back then. He got me to the point where I could collect, from a person I’d never met before, $45 at SPINAL SCREENING. Then he got me to collect $936 for a 24 visit pre-paid plan, then $1872 for a 48 visit plan, then just last month, $3,600 for a 100 visit plan. After that first $3600 check came in, they kept coming! I couldn’t believe it! That’s when I finally realized ‘it ain’t about the money!’

Clearly, I have money issues and I didn’t think anyone would pay a dollar in advance for their first visit, let alone $45. I’ve been told all my life that “money doesn’t grow on trees, you can’t get ahead, the rich are evil,” etc. I live in a town where more than 1 businessman has told me that ‘people are different here, they don’t spend money like in the big cities, there is more money per person in bank accounts here than any where else in the United States, people here are tighter with their cash than anywhere else!’

Before I met Russ, the most I got from a spinal screening was a 2 cent check from an insurance company (no, I’m not exaggerating, 2 cents, and the rest who signed up never came in for their appointments) and God forbid someone should actually pay out of their own pocket! When I did my first spinal screening with Russ’ coaching, only 9 people stopped to get scanned – but 6 of the 9 put down $45 without batting an eyelash! I should’ve learned back then, ‘it ain’t about the money!’ It’s taken me 3 years but I’m finally getting it!

We have what they (our patients) want, and if we believe it, they will happily pay us what we deserve to be paid!

~ Stacy Nagareda, D.C.
Hilo, HI

I have had some bad experiences with practice management companies, so when my friend told me about Rosen Coaching I was extremely skeptical. The last company I dealt with was consumed by the money. They even had an iron clad contract that kept you from getting out of their coaching program without paying some outrageous sum of money. They taught how to control your patients and naturally, that’s how I felt, controlled by them. Needless to say, it took 2 years without any practice management groups or consulting before I was even interested in looking into Rosen Coaching.

My buddy let me borrow a CD with Dr. Russ Rosen getting interviewed by On Purpose. I was delighted to hear that you are opposed to Fear Tactics with patient care and with your coaching. Your ‘Patient Care’ vs. ‘Patient Scare’ philosophy is exactly what I was missing in my practice. I was taught in the past how to scare people with diagnosis, subluxation, and scare them into wanting care. It was frustrating, and eventually led me to a depressed state where I felt like I was missing something. I felt like I was living a lie! The truth is I was. My true motivation with patient care is primarily to remove interference within patients’ nervous systems, not to scare them in to signing up for care. I’m not interested in temporarily ‘fixing’ them. I want their whole life to be blessed with the benefits of chiropractic care. This is absolutely congruent with everything you teach.

Dr. Russ you have returned the joy to my practice. Your consulting and training products are geared to matching procedures with my true nature. Thank you for allowing me to be a BIG ME and not a Mini Russ in practice. I can’t begin to tell you how liberating that is. When I started practicing with his principles, I really started having fun again. It is full- filling to tell patients daily how awesome chiropractic is. It is gratifying seeing them chose chiropractic care for themselves and their family. Yes, when they chose chiropractic care due to how awesome it is, they send in the friends and family! I am seeing more families than I have ever seen in my career because they Get IT! I have gone from 75 PVA to a recent hi of 130 in a few months. Patients are coming out of the wood work just from changing my consciousness!

Thank you, Dr. Russ and Kat for making practice fun again and giving me coaching that is tailored for my personality.”

~ David S. Chalke, D.C.
Paducah, KY

Having Dr Russ Rosen as my coach has been a fantastic experience. After 2 prior coaching experiences, I was rather jaded about the idea of coaching. Dr Rosen has been a breath of fresh air. I was weighed down by the responsibilities of leading a group practice. I’d begun to wonder if my vision of a supportive, inspiring group practice where continual growth is valued was in reality a dream, and not achievable.

To borrow a phrase of Dr Rosen’s – he was â€Ŕin my corner’ from the beginning. I found his Dream Team resources already laid out the path to create my own Dream team. Russ has the depth of knowledge and experience to get to the crux of the issue and then guide you to an action plan that is effective and most importantly, congruent with your values. We’re creating a culture shift within the practice, and the higher energy is palpable when you walk into our office. Our practice members are doing better because we are working better as a team, and this frees everyone – chiropractor & CAs – to really focus in on the practice member & give our very best care.

I’d had 2 previous formal mentoring experiences, and must admit I was a little hesitant. Russ is an expert at encouraging a perception shift without inciting my rebellious streak. This means my agreements are more clear and although not always easy to implement, are undertaken willingly. THANX RUSS!”

~ Louise Hockley, D.C.
Wellington, New Zealand



I have been working with Dr. Rosen For three months now. For the last 15 years I had become a pain relief Chiropractor. With the help of Dr. Rosen, I have begun educating patients of the benefits of a subluxation free spine. I have already received new patients with health concerns and not for pain. The most beautiful part is that parents are asking to check their children for subluxations. Imagine that!!! I have only just began to turn on the power of CHIROPRACTIC.”

~ Michael Senior, D.C.
Brindisi, Italy



I have been coaching with Dr. Rosen for a little over a year now and I wish I had began a year earlier. His influence is noticeable in every part of our office from procedures to the overall mission in Chiropractic and we continually escalate in our office both in numbers and in my mindset. As a new doctor in my own office there have been many challenges over the years. With Dr. Rosen as a part of my team, I know that I can achieve things that alone I never thought I would be able to do. I am in a constant state of growth and feel ready to face each new challenge with Rosen Coaching on my team. His style of coaching is congruent with the chiropractic care that I provide; nurturing, challenging, and healing. I am definitely on the “wellness” track in my practice rather than in a “pain relief” mode. Thank you Dr. Rosen for helping me to realize that I can excel in practice and share Chiropractic with my community! “

~ Stacey Lowe, D.C.
Wasilla, AK



Russ is a true coach and mentor in every sense of the meaning. At least in my definition, this is someone who takes the student, apprentice or athlete and guides them to the top of their game. This also means bringing out the best qualities and characteristics of the student, as an individual. Unlike so many other coaches and mentoring groups, Russ does not merely ask you to copy- cat everything he did to become successful such as memorizing scripts, changing your office decor or even remodeling to alter patient flow. In fact, he asks you not to be like him, but work on becoming the best you. Instead of having you become some kind of robot, he shows you learning skills, such as communication, identifying personalities and discovering behavioral patterns that allow you to quickly and consistently discover the weak links in your practice and strengthen them. In a very short time (less than one year), Russ has helped me build a substantial practice that I have control over. We are growing each and every month and holding on to that growth. It is an incredible feeling to know that I have all of the tools I need at my finger tips and the freedom to discuss any challenges, knowing I will get the right answer. If you have the opportunity to work with Russ, don’t hesitate. I can honestly say, you will not need any other mentor.”

~ Dr. Charles Webb
San Antonio, TX



When you coach with Russ you are in the hands of a master and magic happens! Russ is like a laser in regard to how he helps you cut through what needs to shift in order to have your practice be more effortless, joyful and successful. He has ‘the goods’ to help your practice be the practice of your dreams. It’s such a relief to have my practice be more in alignment with my truth.”

~ Kim Luzzi, D.C.
Cambridge, MA



I just wanted to drop a quick note of gratitude regarding the DISC class. As I stated on Wednesday evening, ” This allows me a much greater ability to communicate with the patient on their level and lead them to THEIR truth about health and wellness.” I don’t think there is a greater gift we can give those whose lives we touch.”

~ Michael Acanfora, D.C.
Bayonne, NJ



Wow, it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve only been working with Russ for 9 or 10 months, but virtually everything about work…and life…has changed in that time…changed for the better. Patients are referring family and friends much more frequently than before, patients are continuing care after pain relief…and my girlfriend keeps asking “Who are you and what did you do with that jerk that used to live in your body?”

I’ve been in practice for 13 years and had covered procedural issues and technique issues fairly well already. I had been through 2 practice management groups with less than stellar results and with an overall sense of frustration. I felt that I did not fit well within the model the gurus were teaching and that I would have to compromise my principles in order to apply their recommendations. Russ has never suggested anything that I felt was in any way offensive or less than 100% truthful and ethical.

I currently work in an orthopedic clinic in a European country. The clinic is reimbursed by the government’s socialized health care system. This relationship places severe legal restrictions on my ability to implement “normal” marketing and patient education strategies. For example, I’m not allowed to distribute any patient education literature. And the front desk/administration is not under my control. Given this situation, there is no way that a “normal” management company would have been able to assist me. For these and other reasons, I was immediately attracted to Russ’ individualized approach to coaching.

But Russ’ talents run far beyond simply individualizing procedures to your situation. He has an uncanny ability to meet you wherever you are…in whatever paradigm you are currently living…and to relate to you at that level until you express an interest in moving to the next lesson in life. Nobody wants to be told what to do. But virtually everyone is searching for the best way to move forward in life, love and work. Russ does not tell you how you should work. Instead, he assists you in sorting through how you want to spend your life and then he invites you to perceive that the possibility exists to spend your life the way you want. If you become open to other options, he assists you in exploring them and in removing the blockages that are keeping you from attaining those desires.

Because of the limits on marketing strategies available in my particular situation, the only viable approach really was for me to become more attractive to patients so that they would want to stay and refer…novel approach. I learned a great deal just by observing how Russ treated me and how it made me feel. I attempted to basically mirror that in my interactions with patients and the results have been no less than astounding.

Your situation will most certainly be different from mine. But a concept that was very helpful to me was to evaluate honestly the differences between how I perceived me and how others (patients, friends, family) perceived me. I am one of the cursed who graduated with a high gpa and have always prided myself in being honest and straightforward in my patient interactions. It irritated me no end thinking that I could be much more successful if I were willing to “play the games” that I saw less intelligent/more successful docs playing.

With careful and honest evaluation, it became clear that many patients did not appreciate my frank and honest discourse with them regarding their condition and their care. I was applyng the “Golden Rule” of treating them the way that I would like to be treated. Problem is that not everybody wants to be treated the way I want to be treated. Instead, many perceived me as somewhat cold and uncaring.

Those same patients were a consistent source of frustration for me because it seemed like they really were just searching for someone to complain to and that they had no honest interest in improving their condition. Often it seemed that they were even attempting to blame their condition on me and to make their problem my responsibility. By processing the situation and communicating to them in my rational/thinking/results-oriented manner, I was frustrating the situation. By offering empathy and compassion first, they became much more capable of listening to what I had to say.

Consistently applying Russ’ principles in LAASR communication dissolved the conflicts. It allows me to consistently demonstrate compassion and concern about them and that allows them to be more open to listening to me. My relationships with patients rapidly changed from friction-laced interactions to compassionate exchanges. The same people who would have previously left my office with a negative impression now go home and tell all their friends how wonderful the experience was and that they should come see me too. The same concepts have seeped over to my relationships with family and friends…and it just keeps getting better. I could go on and on with specific examples, but it all boils down to Russ’ primary tenet…the one thing that all offices have in common are PEOPLE. If we discover and change the things that are blocking folks from having extraordinary experiences in our office, big yellow page ads just aren’t necessary and the day gets much more enjoyable for the doc.

Now my biggest problem is that the clinic’s 2006 production in the first 8 months exceeded the full year of 2005…and the socialized system here is placing budget constraints on the growth. But if you gotta have a problem…that one ain’t bad. My advice to whoever is reading…life is too short and it should be fun…JUST CALL RUSS and get on with it! “

~ Bryan Baker, D.C.
Rome, Italy



Dr. Rosen’s DISC Behavioral Style teleconference is fabulous, very fun, and interactive. It has helped me to understand the differences in each category of behavior so that I can better relate, connect, and communicate to others in my practice and in my life. By understanding the other docs and CA’s behavioral styles and listening to their responses, it became more real. The feedback from Dr. Rosen and the group really made the information very practical. I definitely have more of an understanding and awareness as to how to communicate more effectively. Thanks, Russ.”

~ Lori Krauss, D.C.
Fort Collins, CO



The course is nothing short of amazing. I used to struggle with why I could not communicate better, why some people understood me and I understood them and why so many times we were just two ships passing in the night. Why was it that I innately connected with some people and not others. I was frustrated, dejected and felt unconfident. Not a way to live my life or leave the office feeling at the end of the day.

With the DISC class I have learned very clearly why I completely missed some people while connecting easily with others. Learning the DISC language has allowed me to learn to read people so that I can “hear” them and they can “hear” me. While I am just scratching the surface at recognizing the different types of people the success so far has been amazing.

I go in with a new practice member with confidence and to my amazement I am fully present and am able to really listen to them as opposed to wondering if they will start care with me. This shift has resulted in a much deeper connection with my practice members and my referrals are skyrocketing. It is where I do not have to ask for referrals, the patients are asking me if they can bring in their families, co-workers, friend, you get the idea.

For me the biggest benefit has been the confidence to know that I have the tools to connect with everyone. I know the secret knock on their door to get them to answer and the secret hand shake to cement our relationship. I am so much happier and content as are my practice members, not to mention my sweetie.

Here is a key for everyone: DOTOR’S DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS BY YOURSELF. ENROLL YOUR STAFF AND YOUR SPOUSES. I had my entire staff with their own workbooks in on every call. This has been a huge bonding experience for us all and as one of my staff told me is one of the reasons she loves me. We use it at the office with everyone (staff and practice members) and we apply it in our lives. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about it and how it is helping us.”

~ Steven Polenz, D.C.
Seattle, WA



Dr. Rosen’s has an incredible ability to bring out confidence and passion in people. The first thing he helped me do is change my energy and the way I approach what I do. The results have been amazing. People I haven’t seen in months or years are suddenly coming out of the woodwork, and my internal referrals are way up without having to do any type of marketing. In the 2 short months we’ve worked together my practice has grown over 50% from last year’s average and I just had my busiest week in 7 years of practice. I can’t imagine where I’ll be in a year from now!”

~ Keith McGahey, D.C.
Bellvue, WA



When it comes to the LAASR Course I really enjoyed it, I thought it was great. It was great interaction, I got a lot out of just doing the course myself with the tapes and workbook but actually going through the course and having other doctors participate with me and having Dr. Rosen’s feed back as well as being able to do some role playing was great.

When it comes to “patient care” the LAASR Course really prepared me to deliver the goods. Myself as well as most of the doctors on the call had plenty of stories we could share about what we’ve done in regards to “patient scare” and it was clear that all of us were not comfortable with using these patient scare tactics at all. I certainly didn’t know another way and this course helped me to be able to distinguish between the two and really showed me how to do patient care vs. patient scare, not just that you can do it, but exactly how to do it.

I just opened a new practice recently and one of the keys to building my practice as fast as I am is the concept I learned in the class about being a human being first and a doctor second. I really love this concept. The class really gives you the tools to be able to do just that, it has really not only dropped my shoulders and decreased my stress but of course it gave that same drop to the patients’ shoulders and just lets the guards down on everybody so we can “just be” and heal.

When it comes to Touch Tell Ask and Teach (TTAT) it has just been AWESOME! I’m doing TTAT almost every visit on everybody, it is that the slow education process people are just amazed so much of the time at some of the things that you can discover for them. For us chiropractors it doesn’t seem that profound and we take it for granted, but for the patients, a lot of times they’re just blown away and they say, “Wow, how do you know that?” “How do you know I’ve got that going on?” “Yes, I’ve had a lot of stress, really today I had a lot of stress!” and it’s amazing to be able to pick all of that up. It’s also been very helpful in people wanting to refer and get their kids in.”

~ Brett Van Norman, D.C.
Seattle, WA



In regards to taking the LAASR Course my experience with the class was really life changing because before this course all I knew was canned scripts, this is the way you tell the patient, this is how they will react, if they don’t react then here’s a possible way to say something different, if they don’t react the way you want them to, then you do something different from there. What LAASR gives you is the ability to truly communicate with the patient from your truth affecting their lives honestly, you can tell the truth to them, not just a canned statement.

This is the only time in my 10 year chiropractic career that I can stand up at a report of findings and say, “Mr. Jones, I’ve got to tell you the truth, and the truth is this is what you’ve got, here’s what I see can happen and here’s what I see can happen if you stick around with chiropractic.” I’ve never been able to say that before. I finally can just tell them the truth and the truth shall set you free!

My experience with LAASR Listen, Acknowledge, Ask, Solution and Resolution has been really phenomenal. Especially being my personality type, my high “I,D” I typically try to answer patients questions before they get them asked and then I run over them. With the LAASR you truly have a system that is in place and allows you, number one, to listen to the patient’s question and respond appropriately with caring and you come to this resolution that is derived from them. It’s not the angry parent telling them what they “have to do” and the patients truly “get it.”

In regards to TTAT you can change a person’s life in a touch and then all you’ve got to do is tell them about it. I’ve practiced for nine years, without telling patients what I felt when I touched their spine, but the scary part is not telling myself what I knew when I touch their spine. And now when I touch a person’s spine and it just yells it at me, “This person’s got a terrible stomach problem” I just simply ask, “Mr. Jones, tell me about your stomach, it feels like to me that you’re having problems with the nerve from this area that goes to your stomach. Please tell me about your stomach problem.” And then you get the double jaw drop then they say, “Wow, doctor, that’s incredible how do you do that? And yes, you’re exactly right.” Then you’ve got them for life!

It makes me get goose bumps all over my body when I grab somebody, put my hand on their body and say, “Wow can you feel that and by the way what is going on in your life? Please, tell me about it.” I can’t imagine not ever having met Dr. Rosen and spent the next ten years of my life doing what I did in the past because it was becoming incredibly boring pounding down their high spots!

In relation to “patient scare tactics” I’ve worked in the realm of patient scare and I never, ever felt good about it. I’ve done the, “Mr. Jones, if you don’t get this fixed then you can have a devastating degenerative disease and you’ll be in a wheelchair before you know it.” I never ever felt good about telling anybody that. I hated it when I had patients come and tell me that other doctors had told them that, whether they were chiropractors or medical doctors. Patient care is where I come from and it’s simply just going back to “tell the truth.” And really in that gentle way LAASR tells you how to do it and TTAT shows you how to do it.

I was totally surprised how easy all this could be once I learned the basics. To me it’s just amazing how simple it is once we get it.

I have coached with many others coaches and management companies in the past.

Coaching with Dr. Rosen is not a hundred and eighty degree departure from all of the coaching I’ve done before but it is a quantum leap from where I’ve been before. There is one coaching company I was working with for two and a half years and I can remember coming up on my weekly coaching schedule and it was only twenty minutes and I coach with Dr. Rosen for half an hour. But I still remember thinking, “Okay, how am I going to entertain this guy for the next twenty minutes.” And I’ve never had that with Dr. Rosen. Dr. Rosen always brings something to the table and it’s always something that expands my mind, makes me grow, it grows my practice.

As far as my stats go I have been coaching with Dr. Rosen for approximately seven months, my practice has been up 20% overall and I had one of the highest collections had two months ago. My practice had become stagnant and I didn’t see any way it could go any further. I can see 21% growth becoming 42% and 63% in the very near future.

I didn’t recognize or realize this but with the coaching company I was previously with, I’d reached the top at least as far as all that they could offer to me. I got to a certain level personally and in my practice and. I got to that level and couldn’t maintain it because of the incongruencies I had and I crashed. And I figured that out when I got with Rosen coaching because I don’t think there’s ever a top for me there is just more!”

~ Greg Howard, D.C.
Frederik, OK



I have worked with other coaches and other practice management companies, consultants, the works, and for me, this is without a doubt what coaching should be like. During our weekly half hour sessions together we break down the aspects of the practice and look at it and it’s truly patient care versus patient scare, the scare tactics that are used in some chiropractic offices are just not me, but for me Dr. Rosen’s style of coaching, communicating and teaching works like no other coaching has worked before. I’ve been in practice for seven years, and I do believe, that every single person should have a coach.

One of the things Dr. Rosen has really been able to help us with is our headspace. Wherever your headspace is, it needs to be cleared out so that you can most effectively help the patient, help the public. If the headspace is crowded, which I feel that for the vast majority of chiropractors it is, then you’re not going to come across as effectively as you need to come across and I feel that if we lose even one patient to ineffective communication then we’ve done them and chiropractic a great disservice. So for me, it is truly clearing up the headspace and that is something that I felt over the last two months that has been the awakening of my practice. It was simply to clear out my headspace.

One of the things I am very aware of is, the success of my practice comes down to one thing, me! The whole thing revolves around me. And even though the practice was successful, the headspace wasn’t correct. My practice procedures were very fragmented, they weren’t consistent and what we’ve been able to do in coaching in a very short period of time, is to systemize, be more organized, be more consistent and it adds up to a greater overall practice, which allows us to bring people in, to educate them better. Dr. Rosens LAASR method of teaching is something that we utilized to some degree over my seven years in practice but using the LAASR concept has helped us to systematically use that concept with people to help them arrive at their own truths and to be able to get the most out of what we have to offer.

I think it’s Dr. Gentempo that said, the degree of your incongruency will determine how much you succumb to failure, and there were what I perceive to be incongruencies in several aspects of the practice. For me there were the incongruencies in our system of cash paying patients versus insurance paying patients and in clearing that up, actually for the first time in practice, made me feel completely comfortable in my practice that I could look people in the eye and tell them this is what our fee is and this is why our fee is this amount. And I was able to do that with consistency and in congruence with everything else in my practice. So for me that was probably the biggest incongruency and I think that is true in most chiropractic offices that they’re not selling them that bill of goods and as soon as Dr. Rosen helped me clear that up it made all the difference in our practice.

The fact of the matter is I had done a lot of work cleaning up the incogruencies in my life and just finding one or two issues has made such an incredible difference in my practice.

The laser course was awesome. It was not only awesome for me; it was awesome for my staff as well. Including my staff in the laser course was probably the smartest thing that I’ve done because it allowed the whole team to be on the same page as opposed to the doctor just saying okay, this is what I learned and this is what you should study. For all of them to be interactive and for them to have to make a sacrifice of having to be on the phone until sometimes 11:30 p.m. on the east coast, it was very surprising and it really made a difference to me in looking at them, they were willing to make that sacrifice because they felt it was that important. And then to watch them apply what they learned from the LAASR Course in practice has been really fulfilling for me. So it tells me that it is absolutely worthwhile, that six week course really helped to transform our practice. The six weeks of the LAASR Course from the first, initial contact with the person all the way through to the hard questions that they asked. The price of the LAASR Course is paid for in one question that we asked, that we proposed to each patient once they ask us a question, and that is, “That’s a great question, why do you ask?” That alone paid for the entire course because it let them know, just as LAASR says, that we were listening and now we acknowledge and we ask, and then it allows them to talk and for us to give them the solution and the resolution, it’s a beautiful concept.

Before we started coaching, before we started the class, I thought of myself as a great listener. I was somebody who could sit with my patients and show empathy but it was never in an organized, systematic approach to practice. There wasn’t the training that I need in order to succeed in practice. So LAASR allows you to do that. What I found that I did once I was able to actually tape myself and listen was that it was a monologue, it was not a dialogue. Once you get into a dialogue with the patient, that’s when we’re able to best help them. So for me, LAASR allowed me to be the best doctor that I could be, actually engage in a dialogue and to allow this person to arrive at their own truths by their own – but not by me saying it but by them saying it.

Again, being in practice for seven years, having a fairly successful practice, it hits home because it’s something that I never did before. Now when a patient brings up their concerns or their symptomatology the first thing I do is let them know that I am concerned about them and what they are concerned about. I acknowledge them and their concerns, I let them know I listened and I care and then I ask appropriate questions to help them see a bigger picture. And then when I use touch tell ask and teach when I tell them what is really going on with them, well it’s hard to put in words how effective that is. It is educating the patient and bringing them to present time consciousness as well as myself. It allows me to, instead of rambling on, it allows for a dialogue which allows for the healing process to move forward. Because most of these folks have come into the office and you’re the only one that is actually listening to them and that, a lot of times, unfortunately, includes their spouse.

I truly love doing what I do. I think that’s part of what has made me so successful. I would do it for nothing. You wouldn’t have to pay me. The fact that I’m actually paid money to do this is – it’s the greatest thing in the whole world. It’s remarkable and I love the fact that what I do helps this world be a better place. And if I can do that more effectively, then I’ve truly fulfilled my life’s mission and I feel blessed that I chose a career that allows me to do that. And I don’t think you could say anything better about that. And so when I do that more effectively, when I do that as I do all the time from my heart, there are no drawbacks to that. You always think, “Wow, I could have said this or I could have done that,” but when you’re present in time and you’re allowing them to arrive at their own truth as opposed to us spewing our chiropractic wisdom to them in three days, it’s awesome because they actually get it – you can see them in their face, you can see them get it and I owe that all to coaching with Dr. Rosen.

Go to your web site. That’s what I tell everybody, go to your web site. Go to Dr. Rosen’s web site, read it over, it’s one of the most extensive web sites in chiropractic that I’ve had the opportunity to peruse and everyone, even the greatest athletes have coaches, the greatest philosophers have mentors and teachers, and everyone should have a coach and they couldn’t possibly have a better coach than Dr. Rosen and I believe the reason for that, not only is his personality, but it’s due to his formatting of coaching, that he’s actually spending a half hour of time with that person and that allows for growth.”

~ Michael Acanfora, D.C.
Bayonne, NJ

In regards to the LAASR Course it really delivered more than I expected. Since going through the first and the second visit I am finally able to retain my patients much longer than I used to and I’ve also learned to deal with the difficult patients, questions and statements in a way in which I was never able to deal with them before. I really enjoyed class six where we learned how to do that. Also the class on daily interactions really helped me out. I’ve used the LAASR concept with my patients and I’ve so far have had much more success than I used to.

As far as my communications with my patients before the LAASR course and working with Dr. Rosen I used to just like talk and keep talking and it became a monologue which means I’m the one constantly talking and not really listening to the patient. Dr. Rosen taught me to listen to the patient more and make more of a dialogue and then the patients are discuss their concerns and also to feel heard. It is now so much easier for them to talk to me and it’s easier for me to talk to them. I’ve loosened up more.

I have done spinal screenings in the past and never had any real success, i.e. one screening I did I signed up 10 people; one showed up but did not sign up for care. Recently I learned how to do screenings the way Dr. Rosen recommends doing them and I had fifteen sign up to come to the office, fourteen showed up and twelve signed up for the block of care! There is absolutely no question that Dr. Rosen’s method of doing screenings is the reason why I had such a huge success.

One of the best things I have learned from Dr. Rosen is the touch, tell, ask and teach method of communicating with my patients. It is a great advantage and my patients just love it.

In the past I’ve worked in different chiropractic offices that used this scare tactics and it wasn’t for me and I didn’t like them – maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t do so well in screening because of the scare tactics that they used. The other doc would use the scare tactics of, “You are going to get cancer…” and I don’t think that’s right. So since I used more of understanding and the patient care communications the way Doctor Rosen has taught me it has been working much better.

Coaching with Dr. Rosen has brought me more confidence. I was lacking confidence and Dr. Rosen has brought me a lot of confidence and I know it has helped me tremendously.

I am in the process of taking over another doctors practice right now and I am having more confidence in what I can do. And having that confidence is very important right now. I’ve always lacked that in the past but really feel much more confident since working with Dr. Rosen.

I know I’m seeing a lot more patients and they’re staying with me a lot longer. This year is my first year in this office and I’ve been comparing my numbers from last year and really all of the important stats are doing much better than they were.

I would really recommend the concepts that Dr. Rosen teaches and the way he teaches his LAASR course. I also really like the one on one coaching. I think the personal coaching is where I can really open up and discuss all the problems that are going on and Dr, Rosen helps me step by step in that process versus I know the other management courses I’ve done it was more like a group reading type, and I didn’t do well that way.”

~ Midori Milado, D.C.
Gardena, CA



Working with Dr. Rosen has totally helped me clarify the importance of my communication and how to do it better in a non-threatening, non-aggressive, more give and take kind of situation, helping people to see what they need to do as opposed to you telling them what to do. They come to their own conclusions, mostly by asking them very pointed questions.

A lot of it validated where I already was and it was good to hear it again because I’m coaching with Dr. Rosen and with and doing the LAASR class. As I went through the LAASR class and the personal coaching it really helped me pick up the pieces and more of the details. It’s always good to go over this information two or three times, with a one on one session and in the laser class. It is amazing how much I pick up each time we review visit 1, the Report of Findings and all of the possible interactions with my patients as they come up in my practice.

It’s really changed my ability to communicate with people and made me see the importance of it more and more in my practice and in my personal life.

I can speak my truth and be me and be in my power without trying to sell. And people gravitate towards that much more than being scared into something or being intimidated into something.

Using touch tell ask and teach rocks my world! I’ve had awesome experiences with it. I volunteer at a place and adjust people. I do a thirty second intro to chiropractic and what I am doing and throw them on the table and then start adjusting and palpating and I have had amazing experiences where people are able to connect to their bodies in a way they never have before. And they understand that I know what I’m doing by just touching their spines.

I think that’s probably why it’s important.

In regards to patient care vs. patient scare I think patient care is the only way to go. I think the whole profession would change if we stopped scaring people, honestly. And that’s the way I know I have to be in my practice because I don’t like to be intimidated or scared into anything and why would anybody else want that? Using patient care gives people a way to make a conscious choice and start taking responsibility for themselves as opposed to being scared into something because it’s life threatening, or that type of thing.

Over all coaching with Dr. Rosen has really helped me to get on track with my practice and given me the structure that I needed to move forward and that it’s really stretched me to do it in terms of finances but I can really see the pay-off starting to happen in terms of more patients, more clarity in my practice and more clarity in me. So it’s overall helped me in all different ways and I really appreciate it very, very much.

Coaching with Dr. Rosen is really the way to go if you don’t want to do scripts or scare people. If you want your practice to be an expression of you, then coach with Dr. Rosen.”

~ Susan Miller, D.C.
Plymouth, MA



I loved the DISC course!! It has taught me to recognize different styles of behavior and alter my own style in order to reach patients. We have a few patients who, in the past, the entire staff has had difficulties with and since the DISC course I have been very impressed with Dr. Barritts success in communicating and connecting with these problem patients!”

~ Raven, Massage Therapist
Penrose, CO



Taking Dr. Rosen’s DISC course has dramatically improved the way in which I relate to patients; I now see a much broader picture of each individual. I liked the way we studied each category, with detailed information for each. I found that I can better explain treatment plans to patients, have more patience and can allow more time for follow through. All the course material was well prepared and I still look at many of the handouts.”

~ Jose Gradillas, Physical Therapist Assistant
Penrose, CO



Learning about the different behavioral styles in people was something I enjoyed in taking Dr. Rosen’s DISC course. It has helped me become more patient with people and in addition, to be less forceful with patients. I seem to have a better understanding of others! The course material was well prepared and I look forward to continuing to study DISC! “

~ Karen Anderson, Massage Therapist
Penrose, CO



I not only enjoyed learning about different behavioral styles, but also learning about myself! Since taking DISC, I find it much easier to deal with patients and communicate with other staff members. I now feel I can speak to patients in “their language”, which has made them more receptive. I’ve noticed that when they feel they are being heard, they are much more compliant! “

~ Lisa, C.A.
Penrose, CO



The DISC class with Dr Rosen was very eye opening for me. Before the class I would say to myself “I know I have said the same thing to many of my patients and some seem to hear me and some do not, why”. DISC explained to me that people communicate differently and you have to be at their level of communication for them to be able to hear what you have to say. I expected everyone around me including my patients to learn and communicate with me just like I do but what I found is that there is a small percentage that actually will. Once I realized this, the DISC course taught me how to recognize different behavioral styles and how to adapt my communication, like a chameleon, to these different styles.

In a chiropractic office these skills are invaluable because you can make or break a relationship with a patient based on how you interact with them and you may not get a second chance. The more you can communicate to patients so they can “hear” you the better they feel served in your office, the more likely they are to tell others about you. You patients will receive the custom communication they yearn for in a doctors office and they will look forward to seeing you again and again.

Dr Rosen made the learning experience very interactive and gave each class member an equal chance to participate in the discussion. Dr Rosen is obviously very passionate about the DISC language which made the class fun to participate in while providing me with a tremendous amount of practical information which I could apply immediately.

Thank you Dr Rosen for a great learning opportunity!”

~ Dr. Greg Schulte, D.C.
Saint Charles, IL



The DISC source was a big help in understanding communications with patients, staff, and in understanding the self as well. What I especially liked was the practical application of the course and how it could specifically help my Chiropractic practice. If you’ve ever wondered why your words seem to fall on deaf ears you’ll love this class. “

~ Jim Helmer, D.C.
Missoula, MT



I would highly recommend the DISC class to any person who wants to enhance his/her ability to communicate with others. I am a chiropractic spouse who is involved in my husband’s practice and DISC has truly given us tremendous insights into our respective behavioral styles which in turn has had a HUGE positive impact on our communication. As a student of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) I was curious to learn more about DISC. During the DISC class, the observable, behavioral aspects of DISC really made sense to me. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about doing this type of study via teleclass. However, I quickly learned how distinctly our DISC behavior is communicated verbally — even over long distance telephone lines! It was amazing “getting to know” everyone in the class by learning about and sharing examples related to our own behavioral styles. Dr. Rosen did a great job facilitating each session and bringing practical applications to the DISC materials. Thanks!”

~ Lesley Schulte, Office Manager & Chiropractic spouse
Saint Charles, IL



The DISC course was exciting information presented in an easy to understand way, and the more this S-I-C sees it in real life action, the more valuable it is! It was fascinating to watch Dr. Rosen apply what he was teaching to each person’s DISC behavior in the class and show how skillful use of that information would enhance communication… The handouts are especially helpful and I will keep them handy because life is about relationships with God and man and learning to be a servant of all. DISC is obviously a very helpful tool to be able to ‘become all things to all men’ (I Cor. 9:22). The concept that our greatest strength can be our greatest weakness was an ‘ah ha’ eye-opener to make sure it’s persistence and not stubbornness. My wife and kids thank you for that!”

~ Robert Curry, C.A.
Penrose, CO



I had done screenings in the past and they always caused me stress. I didn’t want to do them because I was uncomfortable talking to people (didn’t feel clear) and never knew if there would be any results from the event. I also felt that in the past the screening approaches I had been taught were border-line ‘bait-and-switch’ which never felt comfortable to me. Because of this, we stopped doing screenings altogether.

Fortunately, I stumbled across Dr. Rosen and his approach to connecting with people through screenings. There is no bait-and-switch. It is up front with who you are, what you do and what you offer. This way, the people you interact with during the screening want your chiropractic care and guidance. I was amazed at how effortless it was with this approach to offer advice and suggestions for a further chiropractic check up. I was even more amazed that people were thanking me for the offer! This is definitely a very stress-free approach to a screening!

Another great aspect of Dr. Rosen’s program was the all-encompassing aspect of the notes. It goes step-by-step on how each person in each position is to handle their part of the screening. There are example scripts but the emphasis is on understanding and communicating the concept in your own way so that you really can connect with people and be real. There is a section on dealing with objections and the ‘yeah buts’ that people have so you can go into your next screening fully prepared and fully confident.

When we performed our first screening it was effortless because we were upfront that we were here to see if chiropractic care may be able to help with their health concerns and we communicated from the heart and not a pre-written script. I would strongly encourage all DCs who are looking to connect with more people in their community to check out this program. The results from our first screening were so great that we can’t wait to go on to our next one! Thank you Dr. Rosen!

Hope that helps!”

~ Bruce Naherniack, D.C.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



I just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know about my experience regarding the recent LAASR teleclass. Through the LAASR teleclass I was able to fine-tune all of my communications that I have with my patients on a daily basis…I was able to improve on my interactions that were strong and I also was able to completely revamp weak areas of patient interaction. I no longer feel like a salesman trying to sell chiropractic, I now tell my truth and consequences.

This is just what I needed to get on track to take my practice to the next level. As a result of this improved communication, I can now understand what my patients are trying to tell me, and now I can better get the chiropractic message to them. (As you know, a patient who gets the Big Idea will tend to be a committed patient, and by using LAASR concepts my patients are getting the Big Idea!)

Participating on these teleclasses was like a breath of fresh air in comparison to other teleclasses that I had participated in the past. Dr. Rosen, you did not just teach the concepts, but you coached them in a very elegant way; and there is a big difference between the two. In the past, other “so-called coaches” gave me a cookie-cutter approach to practice building…but as you know, what works for one doctor may not work for another doctor. I get from speaking with you just a few times, that you are truly interested in my success…and that means a lot to me.

If I had to pick one part of the course that I enjoyed the most, it would have to be the TTAT. With this new-found skill, I have something to talk about during every patient visit. I no longer have to talk about the weather or sports…with TTAT I can now relate their symptoms (what’s most important to them) to their nerve system (what’s most important to me) and that’s pretty cool.

Because of the information taught in the LAASR teleclasses, I can feel my confidence increase and my focus getting sharper. I am applying these concepts often in my practice and I make improvements to my “scripts” based on information learned from you. Thank you for all your help.”

~ Joseph Medina, D.C.
Canton, OH



My name is Dr. Ali Khamsei, and I have been a Chiropractor for about two years now. Thanks to Dr. Rosen’s ‘How to Convert’ classes/coaching lessons, I have had tremendous improvement in doing Report of Findings; as well as increasing my closing percentage of Worker’s Comp. Patients from screeners, from 30% to 80% in just a few short months of training. I would highly recommend that all Chiropractors take advantage of Dr. Rosen’s classes and learn how to effectively succeed in the Chiropractic field!

Thanks again Dr. Rosen!”

~ Dr. Ali Khamsei, D.C.
North Hollywood, CA



Regarding Dr. Rosen’s DISC Class: Disc is a method to help us give love to people in the way they prefer to receive love.”

~ Dr. Jeffrey Parham, D.C.
Kihei, HI



After taking the DISC classes with Dr. ROSEN, I can compare it to the cell phone…how did we ever do without it? His no-nonsense approach to dealing with others, not blindly, but with a definite direction is invaluable.”

~ Art Hernandez, X-Ray Tech/C.A.
Magnolia Park, CA



Regarding the DISC class, I found it very helpful. I’m glad I got to take it before I get out into practice and start communicating with patients everyday. After hearing the Docs talk at the last class about losing patients because they didn’t know about the DISC profiles and how to communicate with specific patients, it puts me at ease to know that I’ll be able to start out my practice not making the communication mistakes that these Docs made. I had trouble with the ‘S’ and ‘C’ profiles as we were going through, but just this past week I found out that I finally got it. I had a guy at church come to me and say that his M.D. told him he has a straight curve in his neck and it was due to tight muscles. Of course the M.D. gave him muscle relaxers. I figured out that he was a ‘High C’ while we were talking and threw out some numbers and figures in the discussion. On Sunday he came back to me and said that it was really neat hearing about some of the figures I told him about. He’s never been to a chiropractor, but is slowly starting to tell me things about his trips to the M.D. and asking me things about chiropractic. It might take a bit, but I’ll win him over sooner or later. I don’t think I would’ve been able to do that if I hadn’t taken the DISC course (especially since I’m a ‘High D’). Thanks a bunch! And I’m still working on using it more in my daily life. I’ll be a pro at it pretty soon.”

~ Kristi Corder, Student
Dallas, TX



The LAASR course was by far the most profound practice building experience I have had. As an Applied Kinesiology / Triad of Health practitioner I focus so much on technique, it is easy to not focus as much on the communication with the patient.

Dr. Rosen has done such a great job putting this information into a easy to use format. If you want to be able to tell the truth, have a referral based practice and live your dreams, this is the course for you!”

~ Ben Galyardt, D.C.
Fort Collins, CO



Hey there,

Glad to be hearing from you too. You and Dr. Beam both just seemed like such great, high energy docs on the conference calls. Please always feel free to call me too–

So regarding your questions. I started with Dr. Rosen in January after hearing him speak/ giving a couple week long class (Secrets of the Masters) on work comp patients and referrals. Here in California, if you know what you are doing, work comp is really a good thing. My practice is mostly comp and cash, very little private insurance and almost no PI. I love seeing comp patients, but because I have a more holistic practice, it was a little challenging. I do a combination of Network, Diversified, Activator, Craniosacral, AK, NET, nutrition, and a whole lot of extremities work. It just depends on the patient. I use an open adjusting room with 3 tables and currently have one full-time CA and an occasional part-time volunteer helping my CA.

Let’s see, prior coaching. I gotta say that before Dr. Rosen, I really haven’t been too impressed with coaches. In fact, I sort of swore them off. I did, through my old fianc?, coach with Singer, which in my opinion was not the best use of money or time. I felt like I was in a herd of cattle–no real individual attention was ever given and the 4-day report of findings was like pure torture to me. I appreciated the scripts to some degree, but they are scientologists, so they really didn’t appreciate my modifications. That was the other thing. Lots of pressure to become a scientologist. Not that there’s anything wrong with scientology– those guys are excellent communicators and could honestly sell their dirty underwear for a great price. As a Jew, it just doesn’t fit with me.

I considered coaching with another doc, Marc Kimes, a really knowledgable guy too, but there again was not a lot of individual attention.

The thing I like about Dr. Rosen is he really cuts through the BS in your practice. If you are screwing up, he’ll let you know. He is a straight shooter. He also really connects with you and has this almost amazing way of elucidating answers to your practice problems. I feel he’s really helped me to gain clarity on a lot of practice issues– I was having a staff crisis basically when I started coaching with him. He helped me in the interviewing process and in deciding who would be the best person. Also, with respect to the whole personality inventory thing that he does for you and your staff, it’s pretty amazing. I found out things about myself just through that alone that really helped keep me from making impetuous decisions about staff, etc. He continues to help me with managing Paula, guiding me. It’s not the first time I’ve managed someone either. I considered myself pretty good at this ( previously in another business, I managed a staff of 14.) But I really wish I had this knowledge back then.

Practice growth issues. We have definitely been getting alot more new patients and referrals. It’s growing faster and faster. I really attribute that to Dr. Rosen’s work with me and Paula. He’s currently helping me on our collections. As I do a lot of comp, Paula needed additional training on collecting.

I feel like I’m really early on in the whole coaching process. There are so many things that I can identify that need to be tweaked. But honestly, I can see the changes happening. I feel like my ability to communicate with my staff and patients has increased so much… and you have to understand, before Dr. Rosen, I used to always get compliments from everybody on what an excellent communicator I was. I always prided myself on that before. Now I actually see that I had (and have) a lot of growing to do in that area. It’s not a negative thing. I think identifying where changes need to take place is so vital to growing as a person and also in practice.

Overall though, I’d have to say that the greatest thing this experience of coaching with him has given to me is that it’s put FUN and higher ENERGY back into my practice. I had only been in practice about a year when I started coaching…and I really felt like I was careening toward burn-out really fast. Generally, I would consider myself a fun, high-energy, out-going and overall happy person. But I felt I was really starting to lose that. Now, I bounce around my practice again, smiling, laughing, and high-fiving Paula when we have ‘wins.’ I know that there’s still a lot that has to be ‘handled’ in practice, but I truely don’t ‘sweat’ it as much. I think I have to attribute alot of those changes to him.

Talk to you soon,’

~ Carrie Roder, D.C.
San Diego, CA



I also was not able to get my patients to commit to the amount of care that I know they needed. I told Dr. Rosen that it was just because I live in a Hilo, Hi. which is a small town with a very different type of patient. I told him no body would pay for care in advance or follow the recommendations I knew they really needed. Thank goodness Dr. Rosen did not let me get away with that. As soon as I started doing what he recommended my patients started doing just what I recommended for them and many of them were happy to pay for visits in advance.

I have been able to decrease the time I spend during visit one, visit two and the daily visits while giving a better quality service. I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting with my patients. Now I focus on what they care about which is their health concerns. I have doubled my practice and not increased my hours.

I still have room for growth, but the fact of the matter is I am finally having some very full days.

Dr. Rosen does not try to make me a ‘mini-me.’ He realizes that I have a very specific technique that I use and I have very specific needs. He is completely about helping me be the best person and doctor I can be vs. trying to make me fit some mold of the ‘perfect’ chiropractor.

I would strongly recommend working with Dr. Rosen if you would like to keep your integrity and build the practice of your dreams.


~ Stacy Nagareda, D.C.
Hilo, HI



I run one of the larger ‘work comp’ practices in the nation. We have 17 staff and all of the trials and tribulations that go along with such a large group of people working together. I have worked with some of the most well known and famous practice management companies, coaches/consultants over the years and have taken home tremendous information from all of them.

I can honestly say that working with Dr. Rosen has been a pleasure as well as an eye opening experience. Dr. Rosen has not only helped me focus and see things in a different way, but has helped me recognize some of the minor and major ‘tweaks’ that we needed to make in our practice, and the result has been astounding.

In a matter of three months we have increased our bottom line approximately 30%, and with the numbers we are doing that is really quite a jump! Not only is the change in our stats so impressive, but Dr. Rosen’s ability to help me see things or literally ‘think’ and communicate in a different way is changing my life.

I am definitely a ‘bottom line’ kind of guy. I consider myself to be fair, but the truth is my ‘managing style’ has pretty much been, ‘my way or the highway’ and although it has ‘worked’, Dr. Rosen with his extensive knowledge in behavioral analysis has helped me to communicate with my staff in a whole new way. I find myself speaking their language, vs. trying to get everyone to hear everything from my perspective or behavioral style. The results have been profound. I find that my staff is much more happy and motivated, and I am sure that this is one of the biggest reasons for the big jump in collections.

Dr. Rosen has not only helped me with my existing staff, but he has also helped me find the right people for the right job as we have hired more staff. Running the behavioral analysis tests and finding the right behavioral style for the job has been a huge part of what Dr. Rosen calls, ‘building a Dream Team,’ and it works!

I have had Dr. Rosen work with my treating doctor, exam doctor, back office C.A./manager, and patient liaison. Across the boards everyone has felt that it has been a tremendous growth experience and have thanked me for the support Dr. Rosen has been able to give. My patient liaison is now getting 7 out of 10 referrals, and Dr. Rosen has helped her to feel comfortable and motivated as she easily and successfully targets work comp referrals. My exam doctor who is fresh out of school is beginning to deal with the difficult questions, statements and patients like a ten year veteran.

Although I have had great experiences with many of the consultants in the field, Dr. Rosen comes from a completely different place than anyone I have worked with in the past, and I give him my highest recommendation and appreciation.


~ Steven Settlage, D.C.
Magnolia Park, CA



Dr. Rosen’s L.A.A.S.R. Communications & be Brilliant at the Basics course is a totally original idea which brings a new paradigm into chiropractic practice management. This course will teach you how to communicate with your patients about chiropractic in a way that can truly transform your ability keep patients under your care for a lifetime. You will no longer have that uncomfortable feeling that comes with manipulating and scaring your patients into care. This way of building a practice never made sense to me because, although it yields short-term success, the patients eventually get turned off to chiropractic and quit their care. Dr. Rosen’s course helps you build strong relationships with your patients while empowering them to make the right choices about their health. You can lead your patients to discover what chiropractic is from the inside-out which will create an abundance of life time patients. This course does not give just a bunch of scripts that you memorize to say the same thing to every patient. Instead you get a system of communicating to your patients which allows for flexibility and enables you to mold it to make an exact fit for your practice. I highly recommend this course to any chiropractor who wants to grow their practice in a way that will truly strengthen the public image of the chiropractic profession. Sincerely, Brett A. Gottlieb, D.C.”

~ Brett A. Gottlieb, D.C.



Dr. Rosen’s L.A.A.S.R. Course is simple, easy and fun! I give my highest recommendations with complete confidence and without hesitation that the L.A.A.S.R. Course be considered as one in a thousand! This man is one of the brightest, most integrity-oriented individuals I have encountered in my twenty-two years of practicing Chiropractic. Dr. Rosen’s sincere desire to help other Chiropractors educate their patients on the value of Chiropractic only begins to tell the story. I am excited that Dr. Rosen is offering this informative and rewarding course, and I have nothing but praise for him. Dr. Rosen’s passion for Chiropractic is obvious; however, it is only in talking and interacting with him that the full extent of his talents is revealed.

In writing you this letter, I hope to persuade you of one thing: to seriously consider the L.A.A.S.R. Course and coaching wit Dr. Rosen. There is not doubt in my mind that you will be interested in Dr. Rosen’s insightful secrets to communication, and his proven success.”

~ Gary J. Ryan, D.C.
Maui, HI



By the way our coaching last week included ‘May I Make a Suggestion’ talk which I shared with my staff and which saved a practice member that came in telling me he was leaving the practice because ‘he did not like what was going on’ (NSA) but went on to tell me the great results he had been getting over the last month. Anyway after listening to him, acknowledging him, and talking with him, I asked for permission to make a suggestion…the great news is we are continuing the Journey to Health & Wellness together.

Thanks Russ!!!!!!

Yours in love of service,’

~ Jeff Parham, D.C



Dear Dr Rosen,

I had a great experience taking your LAASR/Basics teleclass. The combination of the written word (the workbook), the recorded spoken word (the audiotapes) and the interactive spoken word (the teleclass itself) was an unbelievably powerful way to get your timely and effective teachings into my brain! It is not just another set of notes and procedures. The LAASR technique has applications in ALL areas of life, not just the practice. I am having my CAs (and my wife!) learn this approach. The improved communication that this has resulted in has meant a more powerful Report of Findings and consultation, translating into a bigger and better practice for me. I feel that the total picture that you present, from the consultation through active care and including referrals, gives me the ultimate confidence that I am doing every thing right and without stress or any “loose ends”. The “TTAT” (Touch, Tell, Ask and Teach) is an approach that, when in doubt about what to say to a patient during their regular visit, gives me an effective format to communicate to them in a way that will result in a better educated patient who will be more likely to refer in others. I can see this thing snowballing!!!!! Thank you for your great class, and I look forward to future interactions with you in other teleclasses, coaching, etc.


~ Dr. Jonathan Lemler, D.C.



The introduction and the first connection class, was great. We found out about ourselves how we think, with out really thinking about it, and what we expect from patient’s when it comes to their therapy, but one thing we didn’t realize is that if the patient knew what we know if he/she would start therapy and stay with us and never stop. But in reality they don’t, so it is up to us to educate them when it comes to their health and be their guidance and their consoler not mothering or fathering them. Just telling them what to do and people don’t respond well to that, would you if someone told you how to run your business and that there’s no other way. Sometimes a patient just wants to be heard and get their questions answered before they make the biggest decision in their life after all they are trusting you with their body and health. But we don’t seem to realize that we just think about having a patient and how good we can be for them. I have no trouble thinking about them but I need to slow down and actually listen to them and maybe I could help them as well as myself and the biggest reward for me is being able to change someone’s life. That is one of the many things I’ve learned in Rosen’s Coaching.

The sole purpose of Rosen’s coaching is to explore, digest and assimilate the concepts and principles, which will allow you to build and maintain relationships while communicating chiropractic principles. The biggest reward is also having a patient refer another patient to you. That tells me that he/she has the confidence in me. Getting a referral is a challenge, and also something I have learned in Dr. Rosen’s class. Not pushing it on the patient to get a referral, but offering them the opportunity to help someone else that is in the same pain or even worse than them.

Dr. Rosen thanks for your help and all you have taught me. I have learned and gained a lot from this experience and once again thank you. I also would like to thank my boss for giving me the chance to participate in this coaching with Dr. Rosen and my fellow coworker’s. As Dr. Rosen had said in one of his notebooks: “Why just survive when you can thrive…Let me help you attract the practice of your dreams” and he is just doing it.”

~ Shirley Gonsalez, C.A.



By using Dr. Rosen’s secret techniques with human behavior I was able to increase my practice quite dramatically without running the wrath of the staff, patients and most importantly my spouse who works in the office with me. This guy is the REAL DEAL! There is no fluff here!! He is my secret weapon!!! Thanks again for all of your help, guidance and support.”

~ Marc Lawson, D.C. Q.M.E.
San Diego, CA


Charlotte Liddell

What has been your experience coaching with me?

The coaching very specifically addresses what it is that might be my stumbling blocks and gives me steps that I can take to address those. I really like that I feel heard in my concerns about what’s happening in my practice. Gosh, that’s just really valuable.

What was your experience of the L.A.A.S.R. Your Communications and Be Brilliant at the Basics Course?

It helped me to look at all the basics and whatever missing pieces there were. I could put in the missing pieces and refine the rest. It was great material and a great refining tool. So my overall experience of the class was it was excellent as far as covering the foundational basics for my practice. As far as my experience in the discussion format with other doctors, I thought it was very beneficial in that the other doctors had good input that was different from your input. But also just to kind of realize that I’m not the only one struggling with these things and that sometimes together we can come up with the answers.

Did you feel your expectations were met?

I felt like my expectations for the class were exceeded. Definitely met and exceeded.

Did you feel you got your money’s worth?

I absolutely got my money’s worth, yes I felt really good about that investment.

Do you feel you can relate any differently with your patients, family and friends?

I’m not so fearful about defending my position or making others understand. I guess what I got out of it was I realized that just being present with them is the most important thing and finding out what their real concerns are and dealing with them rather than what my fears of what their concerns are. My stress level has decreased because I’m not as fearful about what my patients might confront me with. I now know that there is a pattern I can follow. I can listen and then ask them questions and get to what their real concern is. We can then deal with their concerns rather than having them afraid to really tell me what their concern is or me being afraid of something that they’re going to confront me with. So, it’s much cleaner and less emotional and way more effective.

Since you have been relating differently, are you noticing any different response from your patients?

Yes, they’re happier. They’re going deeper with their own process.

Do you feel better able and more prepared to build and sustain a successful practice?

Absolutely, I feel more able to build and maintain a successful practice because feel like I have less stress, I won’t be creating my fears and I have more energy and efficiency to do more of what I want rather than being stuck in what I don’t want to.

What has been your experience using L.A.A.S.R.?

That’s what I’ve seen with people who are successful whether or not they’re a chiropractor or a psychologist. If they can show people the value of what it is that they’re doing, that is a huge component of their success. And that is something that I have not in the past been too good at. But I feel like using L.A.A.S.R. is what is allowing me to show people what the value is of what we’re doing. So people are happier that they’re feeling more successful and I’m being more successful in my practice.

What has been your experience using touch-tell ask and teach?

It has been really well received. People want to know that stuff.

Tell me about the importance of patient care versus patient scare from our L.A.A.S.R. course.

What I got out of this course was that it’s okay for me to deliver the care part of it even more than what I was doing, but in a more real way.

What was your favorite part of the course and/or most value to you?

I guess what I came home with the most was that I’m ready for the next level in my practice and there are steps that I can take that will get me there, so it’s doable.

What have you noticed change in your practice and life from working with me?

More ease in communication. Also a deepening in the communication in that I’m able to get to whatever the concerns are or to whatever the communication problems are and find my way through the things that people put up in the way of a smoke screen to communications. I’m able to find my way through those more easily. So that’s making everything more efficient and clear.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

I highly recommend this coaching class as far as getting the foundational structure for your practice and then being able to refine those concepts and make them efficient for your practice. I loved it. I thought the format was really great. I liked having the other doctors there too for their input and to hear what they had to say and I’m choosing to continue to work with you because I really get the value of what you have to offer.

~ Charlotte Liddell, D.C.
Kapaa, HI
(In practice for 8 years)



Jill Dawrs

What has been your experience coaching with me?

The personal coaching helps me specifically find out where my weak areas are and know which areas need to be strengthened. So I think it’s a lot of value. You’re able to find the areas where I have my weak areas that I didn’t even know were weak areas.

Did you feel your expectations were met?

Yes, I think it surpassed my expectations because it was a lot of information in a short period of time.

Do you feel you can relate any differently with your patients, family and friends?

Now that I’ve taken the course I have skills that I can work with to help continue to improve my patient communications.

Do you feel better able and more prepared to build and sustain a successful practice?

Yes I do, I feel like I have more tools to communicate my message to the patients to help educate them further about their health care.

Have you done other practice management courses or worked with other coaches, and if so, what has been the difference between what we do and what others have done for you?

I think you’ve given a lot more information in a shorter period of time and worked with an area of dealing with doctor/patient communications that a lot of other seminars don’t even address.

What has been your experience using L.A.A.S.R.?

It’s an extremely effective tool to help the patient understand what direction you want to guide them in.

What has been your experience using touch-tell ask and teach?

The touch-tell ask and teach is phenomenal. With that it helps guide the patient and the doctor through which body areas are affecting which symptoms and health problems the patient is having. It really helps keep the whole visit focused and on target and helps to eliminate excessive chatter both on the patients and doctor’s part during the visit.

Tell me about the importance of patient care versus patient scare from our L.A.A.S.R. course.

It’s certainly refreshing to have more information and tools built on how to work with the patients to help them feel even more comfortable.

What was your favorite part of the course and/or most value to you?

It’s definitely got to boil down to that touch-tell ask and teach and the LA.A.S.R.ing communication technique.

What have you noticed change in your practice and life from working with me?

My volume of patients has grown and I feel like I’m able to communicate better with the patients and not talk about extraneous things as much during the visits.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

I’d recommend this to any doctor out there, no matter how long they’ve been in practice. There’s a lot of information that Dr. Russ has to give and I think they’d get a lot out of taking one of his seminars.

~ Jill Dawrs, D.C.
Hilo, HI
(In practice for 13 years)



John Tolmosoff

What has been your experience coaching with me?

You have the ability to ask questions that bring out exactly what really needs to be addressed. And that’s important because I can camouflage what really needs to be addressed and I waste time. Dr. Russ has the ability to laser in and make sure that what you are saying is what you mean to say and what you want to say. And I think that’s really important. Because then you can really address critical issues and resolve them not just solve them.

What was your experience of the L.A.A.S.R. Your Communications and Be Brilliant at the Basics Course?

To open the doors of communication that I have not seen other consultants or anyone ever put together. It allowed me to go into the office and be able to talk to patients and really connect with them while making sure that they were heard and listened to. I then found that they were opening up a lot better and I wasn’t just rambling on.

Did you feel you got your money’s worth?

Since taking the class I’ve been telling everybody about the class and really would like to take it again because it empowers you with being able to communicate on a whole other level which I didn’t have before. I’m thrilled to have taken the class.

Do you feel you can relate any differently with your patients, family and friends?

My wife and I had a little disagreement; L.A.A.S.R. allowed me to just kick back and to make sure that she was heard and acknowledge what she said. The L.A.A.S.R. is a really good tool, it helps me so that I don’t get charged up about anything but allow communication to really come forth.

Since you have been relating differently, are you noticing any different response from your patients?

My patients definitely benefit because they feel they are being heard, and so they’re not just a patient, they’re a person. That sometimes puts them on another level, we have more of a family practice and that’s what we want and what we strive to have. This really just makes people feel comfortable and at ease in the practice and I think it makes it easier for them to refer. They like to be heard and they know whoever they refer in is going to be heard too.

Do you feel better able and more prepared to build and sustain a successful practice?

Yes, because communication is everything. I’ve heard others say that great practices and made great with great communications. And if you can’t communicate what you do, they’re just in and out with back pain and not in there for health reasons. If you can get them understanding it’s about a healthy nervous system and of course a healthy body, you’re going to have more long term patients. We are already seeing that happen in our office.

Have you done other practice management courses or worked with other coaches, and if so, what has been the difference between what we do and what others have done for you?

I’ve been practicing for fifteen years and ever since I began I’ve always believed in having a coach. Every one has had something that they’ve had to offer. However, no one really has addressed specifically how to communicate with patients and how to talk with them. Many of them focus on procedures yes procedures are important, but you can really lose sight of the patient if all you are doing is focusing on procedures. With Russ, it’s just been just an amazing difference because you’re empowered to communicate with that patient on a whole different level. You empower them to understand the chiropractic story and they begin to refer like they never have before. If it wasn’t for referrals we would not be in business. We sure don’t get quality patients from marketing.

What has been your experience using L.A.A.S.R.?

The L.A.A.S.R. technique helps you think before you talk. It makes you really understand that before you are going to be understood, you have to understand the other person’s point of view. It really helps you put your communication in perspective and listen to the other person’s perspective. It makes you become more of a human being. Excellent!

What has been your experience using touch-tell ask and teach?

They’re far more interested in what area of their spine is involved and what it addresses. So they’re starting to ask and before they weren’t. It was more musculoskeletal and that type of stuff. They weren’t getting the message of what chiropractic is really about. This is more than just for back pain, it’s about the whole function. They’ll come in and actually say something like, their T5 feels sore and they have been having digestive problems. And I never had that before, or “C1 is out and I’ve been getting some headaches will you check that doc?” And that’s really neat to hear because they’re getting the connection between their nervous system and the function of their body.

What was your favorite part of the course and/or most value to you?

The most valuable part is the understanding that you don’t communicate as well as you thought you did. And because you learn what you don’t know, you can start working on it and then you can start improving on your communication; not only to your patients, but to your staff, your wife, your kids, your friends. It’s just a great tool.

What have you noticed change in your practice and life from working with me?

We’ve been working together making sure that I do listen to the staff, that they feel understood and that we are a team. We’re not using scare tactics with patients and we put them on a pedestal. We show that we really value them and that we value each other. That really has made a big difference in our practice. Also we’re cutting down on the hours at the office. This has just made it much more enjoyable. You had suggested considering cutting down my hours. I’ve always wanted to close at 5 o’clock. We’re now making a big step of five thirty and that little bit has made it so much more enjoyable. We’re still seeing the same numbers in fewer hours, which is even better.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

Well I think if you’re contemplating a coach, and I have been with at least eight different coaches, that Russ has just really refined his skills and he really does listen to your particular needs. He doesn’t mold you into his way of thinking. Russ has a unique approach that really amplifies your own great abilities and helps you focus on what you want. He helps you achieve your goals, not other peoples goals. He helps you find your truths and does not try to tell you what you should or should not do. It’s all about helping you find what is right for you? And that’s the gift Russ has.

~ John Tolmosoff, D.C.
San Diego, CA
(In practice for 15 years)



Pat Kelly

What was your experience of the L.A.A.S.R. Your Communications and Be Brilliant at the Basics Course?

My main goal was to be able to relate to people the way that I’ve seen Dr. Russ Rosen do in the field. There’s many different levels that we can connect with people and he has the gift in showing us probably the most important facets of that. It’s the human interaction that totally makes a difference as far as whether a patient comes back. Affability is the number one reason anybody goes back to any doctor and to be able to make that connection with the patient is invaluable and that’s something that you could not find a better guy to help you get to that point than Dr. Rosen.

Did you feel your expectations were met?

As far as the class was concerned, I felt all my expectations were met tenfold.

Did you feel you got your money’s worth?

As far as the money investment was concerned, I felt like it was going to pay back exponentially within a short period of time simply because there are no short cuts as far as getting crucial information that’s going to make a difference. This is something that will pay back from now on.

Do you feel you can relate any differently with your patients, family and friends?

As far as the L.A.A.S.R. and touch tell and ask and teach, the two techniques are incredible because so many times in real world situations we have a tendency to ramble on and use a lot of superfluous information that really nobody cares about. Through the L.A.A.S.R. and touch tell and teach, it’s an opportunity for you to organize your thoughts in a very specific way, to coordinate your main goal and that’s patient education and keeping that person as a patient. Sometimes it’s the easiest things that get the best results and I believe in both of these cases it’s a beautiful guideline for doctor/patient interaction that is awesome. In regards to building and breaking relationships, it’s a godsend to have this information put in a very logical, sensible way. It’s the Rolls Royce of patient education. It gives you an opportunity to cut through the small talk and get to the issues that the patient is concerned with and win that patient and not break the bonds that you establish. You can get the results you want and at the same time get to the next patient. And that’s what it’s all about.

Do you feel better able and more prepared to build and sustain a successful practice?

As far as building and sustaining a successful practice, This without a doubt is one of the obvious reasons for taking this course in the first place. You just cannot go through life without a coach, everybody has a coach, Michael Jordan has a coach. We all need somebody in the background keeping us in line and keeping us on track. This is a beautiful program given by an incredible doctor who can bring to light the obvious mistakes that we make that we never see. He has put together a program to keep us focused and in line where we need to be as far as our practice and building a successful, healthy, happy life. Dr. Rosen has a gift that really can’t be measured and it’s something that must be experienced.

Have you done other practice management courses or worked with other coaches, and if so, what has been the difference between what we do and what others have done for you?

As far as other practice management courses that I’ve experienced, without using specific names, this is so much more superior. It is very difficult to take a scripted presentation repeatedly to a patient time after time after time. The passion, the love and everything else falls completely out of what you’re doing, if that’s the only basis from which you’re working from. The Rosen program is far more rounded. It is based more on that unconditional love feeling and based more on getting the information to your patients and moving on to the next patient.

What has been your experience using L.A.A.S.R.?

When using L.A.A.S.R. it’s again one of those systems that helps you make it a win win situation. There’s no way you can fault a patient for what they’re thinking or what their beliefs are. At the same time many times you need to re-educate these people. So by doing the L.A.A.S.R. program you have an ability to hear what they’re saying, know that they’ve been heard, acknowledge and respond in such a way that you agree with them at the same time you re-educate them. It’s not something you’re beating them over the head with or preaching to them, it’s an incredibly great, finesse way of communication.

What has been your experience using touch-tell ask and teach?

The touch-tell, ask and teach portion of the program is phenomenal. We can specifically get in there and concern ourselves with the reason we’re in practice in the first place, which is to find and locate the primary cause of their interference and correct it. And the touch, tell, ask and teach is going to turn lights on for them. They’re going to think that you’re a magician because how in the heck can you tell I’ve got gas or bloating by just touching my back. There are invaluable lessons to be taught to the patients through palpation and this process is phenomenal as far as achieving results that you want. This process lets you know where the problem is, lets the patient know why they’re having the symptoms, and if there is a subluxation it lets them know that we in fact can help. Touch, tell, ask and teach is outstanding.

Tell me about the importance of patient care versus patient scare from our L.A.A.S.R. course.

The patient scare tactics are seemingly effective in the beginning but at the same time the toll that it takes on the doctor is incredibly debilitating. The patient care philosophy as a primary focus is totally a win/win situation, you cannot duplicate the loving aspect of our profession.

What was your favorite part of the course and/or most value to you?

The most value to me in regard to the class itself is to have the open mind and heart of an incredibly successful doctor who can share the experience, share the wisdom and share the knowledge to maintain and run a healthy, happy, successful practice and life. It’s very difficult to find people like this and through Dr. Rosen you will be a different person.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

I encourage anyone interested in being the best that they can be and the happiest that they can be to work with Dr. Rosen. If you are interested in finding out what is true success to you, this program that will get you in touch with all the aspects that are crucial for you to not only get new patients but to keep these people and to get their family under care. There are more gifts and more pearls of wisdom throughout this program than you’ll ever be aware of and I feel that it’s a beautiful opportunity to be the very, very best that you can be.

~ Pat Kelly
Dallas, TX
(Pat has gone around the country doing spinal screenings at different doctors offices and has probably brought in more new patients for chiropractors than anyone in the world. Pat is now at Parker College of Chiropractic.)



Phillip Whitley

What has been your experience coaching with me?

I was a little reticent at first to do personal coaching primarily because I had never done it before. And as I delve into being coached by a professional on a regular basis, I have found that it’s one of the single best things that I could do to really support my practice.

What was your experience of the L.A.A.S.R. Communications and the Brilliant at the Basics Course?

The class is fantastic, it gave me a lot of information about how I relate to people in my daily interactions with my patients and incredibly helpful as far as supporting me in the right way to talk, the right things to say and the things not to say and the timing and all of that. It’s been great and I definitely have noticed that I’m enjoying being at the clinic more than I ever have. I have many, many less days where it feels like there’s some drudgery or work involved and I’m really enjoying serving people now. I’m excited, I’m anxious to be there now in a positive way and feel like I’m really supporting my community and my fellow man by doing what I’m doing and doing it in an efficient way that really works. I’m very happy to be there and the classes really helped me to notice more of that and it’s made it a lot easier for me to support my patients in the way that I’ve always wanted to.

Did you feel your expectations were met?

My expectations were more than met. I personally felt like it really supported my practice in growing at a time when it really needed to and that it’s continuing to really bloom and blossom based on the things that I learned in the class.

Did you feel you got your money’s worth?

I felt like I was probably undercharged for the amount of information that I got.

Do you feel you can relate any differently with your patients, family and friends?

I would say that it’s definitely increased my ability to relate to my patients. And it’s been a huge leap for me. It’s been a huge leap and I really notice it in the numbers and in the increased retention that I’ve gotten since I’ve done the class.

Since you have been relating differently, are you noticing any different response from your patients?

I’m noticing higher retention. I’m noticing there’s more customer satisfaction and interestingly enough I feel like it’s making me more efficient in my ability to give them what they came in for, which is basically to feel better and to get to some of the deeper underlying issues that might be bothering them.

Do you feel better able and more prepared to build and sustain a successful practice?

Definitely, there’s no way of knowing this for a fact because I’m already here but I would say my ability to be somewhere else and just start up a new practice or sustain one has greatly increased since doing this class. I would recommend this class for anyone that wants to improve their doctor/patient relationship and is interested in growing their practice from a place where it might currently be.

What has been your experience using L.A.A.S.R.?

The main thing with L.A.A.S.R. is that it’s pushing me to listen much more intently to what’s going on and really recognizing and acknowledging back to the patient what I’ve heard is their concern. And that simple act allows me to get to the solution a lot faster and lets them know, that I am, in fact, able to support them rather than me just guessing or believing in my mind that they know what I’m going to do and how I can help them. It’s a wonderful communication tool, very, very valuable.

What has been your experience using touch-tell ask and teach?

Touch-tell ask and teach is probably one of the most simply profound tools that I have found in my daily interactions with all of my patients. It’s been fantastic. My impression is that patients love hearing it. Touch, tell, ask and teach is something that is so valuable in terms of really focusing on them and helping them realize that this time is completely for them, not for you the doctor, but completely for them. And letting them know that you sincerely care about where they’re at and the kinds of improvements that they’re making, or not making, and letting them know that you’re focusing your complete attention on them. This is really one of the more profound things that I’ve had to learn. This course has really been helpful.

Tell me about the importance of patient care versus patient scare from our L.A.A.S.R. course.

I’m living proof that it can be done with patient care tactics versus scare tactics. My impression of the class is that it was wholly and completely wrapped and evolved around using patient care tactics versus scare tactics.

What was your favorite part of the course and/or most value to you?

One of the best parts of the class for me has been having the scripts in written form and being able to regularly review them, which is one of the ways that I learn. I keep the course book now at the office and I look at it almost on a daily basis. I will just read a few paragraphs or freshen up on a few areas that I might be stale on in terms of communication skills or what to say at a particular moment. Also comparing the experience of the other doctors was extremely valuable. That in itself was an incredible learning tool. Hearing what they got out of it and how it had influenced their practice and getting their “ahas” and seeing how their “ahas” sort of blended with my “ahas” and being able to take the next step forward for everyone.

What have you noticed change in your practice and life from working with me?

I feel like I’m much more attractive to my patients in the clinic and that the practice feels like its running smoother. I feel like it’s much easier for me to speak the truth to all of my patients without being concerned that I might be stepping on someone’s toes or I have to tread on pins and needles. I am much more effective in terms of my ability to communicate with my patients and the people in my daily life outside of the practice as well.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

I would just highly recommend this course for anyone of you out there that are interested in increasing the performance of your practice, enhancing your practice and receiving more enjoyment out of helping to support people in a better life and a higher quality of life.

~ Phillip Whitley, D.C.
Wailuku, HI
(In practice for 11 years)



Susan Lawson

What has been your experience coaching with me?

My husband is actually the chiropractor and a lot of emotional things have come up. I’ve been learning to step back and look at things more objectively or less subjectively I guess I should say. And I see the atmosphere completely changing with the doctor and myself because we’ve been given these tools on how to be less emotional at the office and keep things professional. And I can see the tension is going down and the systems are getting better, which is what we needed.

Have you noticed any changes since we started working together?

Huge changes! With my husband since you started working with him. The husband and wife thing is touchy in almost every person we know that’s a chiropractor whether be male or female. With Spouses in the office we hear the same problems over and over again. The bickering and being hard to get along outside of work and taking work home with them. I’ve seen marriages even end over it, frankly. The office is the second home and when you’re telling your husband, you know, he’s not taking out the trash enough or not doing the dishes, they tend to turn a deaf ear on you. Having a person helping him with this in a very unemotional way has been a huge help. He does everything you tell him to do, which is something I’ve never been able to achieve, so I’m thrilled about it.

How has our coaching supported you?

It’s been very difficult for me to step back and look at the big picture, getting wrapped up in the day to day crises and emergencies and things. Taking the time, an appointed time, where I’m accountable and you’re waiting for my call is great. You’ve helped me to step back and look at things in a logical way. We haven’t just talked about my problems, you’ve given me very specific solutions and action steps and have really helped me get my arms around something that I’ve been having a hard time getting my arms around, which is, the big picture and what to do about it.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

I think unless you make the time to talk with someone, someone that’s outside the office, and really be very mindful of what you’re doing every day and to prepare for these tasks, I just don’t see how, if you have a very busy practice or growing practice or practice in transition, you can ever get the big picture and do something about it. It’s like having a personal trainer. If you’re not expected at the gym at a certain time when someone’s waiting for you it’s very hard to make that time in your schedule to work out. I think this for me has worked in the same way, knowing that someone’s there waiting for me, I do take the time to be prepared, to know what I’m going to talk about and to follow through. So I feel like I’m accountable to someone. And that’s a big help for me.

~ Susan Lawson, C.A, Office manager and spouse
San Diego, CA
(Susan manages a very busy chiropractic office and chiropractic seminar business.)



Beth Pickford

What has been your experience coaching with me?

My experience with our personal coaching was that I feel that you just have a myriad of information that you’ve been acquiring and accumulating and putting together in a real, organized way and there’s just a deep, deep wealth of information that I can access through you. I feel like you can address my personal issues on many different levels, not just with the business end or the practice end but more importantly, with the personal end. You’ve helped me see how I might have needs that need to be fulfilled and met that I’m trying to get met through my practice rather than through my own personal life. You’ve shown me how I might be coming in to the office trying to fulfill those needs rather than coming in from an already whole state and having overflowing abundance of love to share with my patients. This is really where I want to go. And I feel that you can take me there.

What was your experience of the L.A.A.S.R. Your Communications and Be Brilliant at the Basics Course?

Well, it was a very organized and systematic approach to conducting very thorough yet quick exams, re-exams and report findings. It was a big missing link for me in my practice. My communication skills have greatly improved since taking the class and I find that my patient retention rate is going up. – Even though the class is recent, I’m already finding that people are more excited about their care and are referring a lot more; brand new patients already referring.

Did you feel your expectations were met?

My expectations were exceeded. There was more than I knew was going to be relayed in the class, especially information about daily interactions and answering difficult questions. There were really a lot of pearls in that class.

Did you feel you got your money’s worth?

Yes, I definitely got my moneys worth.

Do you feel you can relate any differently with your patients, family and friends?

Yes, I’m a bit more patient with them. And more compassionate. For me it’s more of an experience of talking with them, having a conversation with them rather than preaching at them. The class really taught me how important it is to ask them questions, make sure they understand me, reframe it, put it in their own words and how it applies to them and their lives. I’m now able to get the concept of chiropractic across clearer and it sinks in for them a little deeper.

Since you have been relating differently, are you noticing any different response from your patients?

My patients are responding in a more interested fashion towards their care because they’re getting excited about the changes they’re seeing. I’m just finding that there is much more of a rapport that is developed between me and my patients.

Do you feel better able and more prepared to build and sustain a successful practice?

Yes, I definitely feel I have the tools that will allow me to build and sustain a successful practice; tools that I didn’t quite have together in a real order or any systematic fashion before. Now it feels like it’s been laid out in front of me, very plain and very simple and it all just makes so much sense.

What has been your experience using L.A.A.S.R.?

My experience in using L.A.A.S.R is that I am just really connecting with patients on a much deeper level. By using the L.A.A.S.R. approach I find that they really feel heard and cared for and respected as a human being. And also they are understanding things on a deeper level and I continue to make the concept of chiropractic bigger and bigger and it builds the enthusiasm level in my patients and in my care.

What has been your experience using touch-tell ask and teach?

Touch-tell ask and teach is something that I try to use with each patient, every visit. It really gets them involved in their care and it continues the educating process. As they continue to learn more and more about chiropractic they are able to communicate it better with their family and friends. I feel that that has been what has been increasing the referrals in my office.

Tell me about the importance of patient care versus patient scare from our L.A.A.S.R. course.

Oh, that’s totally what this class completely addresses. “Patient care versus patient scare.” And using the concept of this class allows patients to feel very comfortable with their care and not that it’s a scary thing that they have to do it or else something terrible is going to happen to them, some condition that’s going to take over their body down the line. But they want to do it because they care for themselves. When someone else cares for you it’s easier to care for yourself. And I think that’s really portrayed in this form of evaluating patients and treating them.

What was your favorite part of the course and/or most value to you?

The most valuable part of the class to me was how to address patients that have been in care for a long time. You said something that I had never thought about before. You said that patients who had been in care for some time, that you kind of treat them like an old spouse. You don’t give them the juice and the love that you give the people that are more recent in care. And I could see how I was doing that in my practice. They’d come in and I’d have him lie down, I’d adjust them and they’d get up, say a few words and that was it. I wasn’t continuing to educate them on the process of chiropractic. I wasn’t continuing to get them excited about care. And as a result, I wasn’t that excited. And now that I’m using the touch-tell ask and teach on them as well, it’s changed the overall feeling in the office.

What have you noticed change in your practice and life from working with me?

I’ve become re-inspired about chiropractic and what’s possible in my practice, what’s possible in my life, taking the ceiling off the limits that I’ve set for myself and expanding up into the sky. It’s like just being completely rejuvenated after operating at 50%. I feel like I’m moving towards, optimal health myself.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

I would highly recommend taking on Russ Rosen as your personal coach. I feel that the value of your life will increase, the enjoyment you get out of your practice will greatly increase and it’ll put the fun back into practicing again because it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the flow of love and connection that happens with the patients and this is one man that can help you get reconnected. And I look forward to working with you in the future as well.”

~ Beth Pickford, D.C.
Makawao, HI
(In practice for 11 years)



Branan Dewees

What has been your experience coaching with me?

The personal coaching is really good for me because I like and need the one on one as well as the classroom atmosphere. The personal coaching is tailored exactly to what I need. The best thing is that you’ve helped me guide myself to my own solutions that have already been inside and you’ve helped me clear away the clouds.

What was your experience of the L.A.A.S.R. Your Communications and Be Brilliant at the Basics Course?

That it helped focus me on treatment care, not what my needs are so much but what the patients need and how to meet them where they are, rather than putting my expectations on them. A big one for me was I had to stuff my philosophy down their throat while they were holding their sore shoulder. They didn’t hear it, they didn’t care. And I’ve learned now to spend time and give them sound bytes of information that they can take home with them and not have them walk out with their eyes glazed over. A big difference for me also is just in how I greet them, how I treat them as patients or actually more as humans coming through my door. My practice has been helped immensely because I’ve learned new techniques. I’ve worked with other people who are considered to be very good at what they do and they just don’t have the way of communicating the way Russ does. And for me that’s the whole thing, having Russ who is a great communicator, meeting me where I am and speaking the language that I understand… It has definitely improved my retention by, I would say, a solid 30-40%. My closing success rate has increased right around 30-40% also… But 100% of the people when they leave my office have a real look of gratitude…My patient retention with new patients has definitely increased…it’s probably doubled or tripled…If you want to add sparkle to your patients’ eyes, have more joy and more freedom within yourself and the practice…work with Dr. Rosen

Did you feel your expectations were met?

Yes, my expectations were met and beyond because I have so often taken classes that sounded great but I didn’t know how to apply it. So it became great information in the back of my head but never got used. This information I’ve actually applied to my practice.

Did you feel you got your money’s worth?

I definitely highly recommend this for the cost; it’s very much a deal because I’ve looked at what other consulting groups and people are charging. The money is well spent and I actually am continuing on with Russ in coaching because I’m so impressed with my experience.

Do you feel you can relate any differently with your patients, family and friends?

Oh absolutely, I can relate to them differently because I look at them differently. I see them differently when they come through the door. It was an attitude change, a different understanding. The tools I was given and how to talk to them, it just made so much sense to me it wasn’t a matter of trying to integrate this into my life, it was like, it made sense to me so, why not do it?

Since you have been relating differently, are you noticing any different response from your patients?

Some people get up with more – just something different, a different sparkle, like they felt like they were heard, like someone’s been looking after them and that I’m not just a chiropractor that just racks and cracks them and collects on the way out.

Do you feel better able and more prepared to build and sustain a successful practice?

I am ready to build and sustain a practice and I also know that I can do it because we’re going to start doing more coaching and I feel more secure in where I’m going because I know that I have the knowledge and the support to back me up.

Have you done other practice management courses or worked with other coaches, and if so, what has been the difference between what we do and what others have done for you?

I’ve taken some different courses and I’ve talked to different management people and I have friends who are in different management companies. I got exactly what I needed because I was met where I was, not trying to be fit into a molded, prefabricated situation. Therefore, the rebellious side of me didn’t have to take over because I get to tailor my practice towards me, yet being guided to do so in the correct way. That’s the beauty of doing it this way rather than doing a pre-canned consultant type of practice management group.

What has been your experience using touch-tell ask and teach?

The importance of it for me is, especially on the exam, when somebody comes in and says, “My hip hurts and my neck hurts.” Well I know that there’s a twist going on somewhere in the middle of their spine. I go down and I palpate certain areas and then I ask them if they’re digesting foods very well and they look up. They will lift their head off the table and say, “how do you know that?” And then I tell them. And that alone lets them know that I’m somebody different because I’m not just there to address their aches and pains. I’m also there to address them as a human being and all their concerns.

Tell me about the importance of patient care versus patient scare from our L.A.A.S.R. course.

I’ve been doing a practice where I sell packages where patients sign up for four to six months of care. I came from an office where the scare tactic was huge. As a matter of fact the doctor used to say “if they don’t sign up you break up with them before they leave the room so they feel like they did something wrong and you leave the room, so they feel bad.” I tried that a few times and I’m the one who ended up feeling bad. Now if the patient isn’t ready for care, then I say “You know what? I’m always here, I have your paperwork and I’m ready for you when you’re ready.” And I bless them and they walk out the door. And I’ve had patients call me up when they’re ready now, whereas before, I’d never have anyone call me up after I tried to scare them. I do feel the class helped me with tools for patient care because, I mean, I’m seeing the difference. I’m seeing people sign up now more for care and I’m feeling much better with the patient care as well.

What was your favorite part of the course and/or most value to you?

The favorite part of the class, was when I learned to treat the patients differently, as human beings, and not scare them into care. And now when I see them signing up for care, I see them sign up with joy and like, “Yeah, this going to be great” rather than “Oh my God, I’d better to this or I’m going to be ruined for the rest of my life.”

What have you noticed change in your practice and life from working with me?

In my life, which is the most important part, what I’ve seen change is I’ve slowed down and taken time to take care of myself. Quite often I will dig my heels in and my practice will become the most important thing- more important than my health, my relationships, than my house, than anything. And I lose all the richness of life. I’ve slowed down a little bit and sort of smelled the proverbial roses and I am enjoying my success. As far as my practice, I’ve learned to be a bit lighter in my practice as well, which I believe the patients also pick up on.

What have you noticed change in your practice and life from working with me?

One evening I had four people sign up for long term care which is a record for me. I can’t say what portion of this class if came with, I believe it came with more of a change from within me. This shift within myself that occurred and that the people were drawn to. It has definitely improved my retention by, I would say, a solid 30-40%. My closing success rate has increased right around 30-40% also. But 100% of the people when they leave my office, if they choose chiropractic or not, have a real look of gratitude that they understand more about their bodies, more about health and life in general and so that, to me, is the joy. Because when people leave, there’s no anger, there are no strange feelings. It’s usually, “Thank you Doc, I learned a lot.” And they’re ready or they’re not. That’s all it comes down to. My patient retention with new patients has definitely increased. I would say it’s probably doubled or tripled. I’m seeing a nice consistent growth spurt in the practice overall.

Is there anything in closing that you’d like to say to the doctors listening?

If any of you doctors out there have any problems with communicating with patients, having problems with patient retention etc. If you want to add sparkle to your patients’ eyes, have more joy and more freedom within yourself and the practice, it’s a great deal to jump in and work with Dr. Rosen. You will find that with Dr. Rosen there is always something, a new nugget, something deeper that you can learn and something that you can put into your life and into your practice that will make both much brighter and more successful.

~ Branan Dewees, D.C.
Kahului, HI
(In practice for 3 years)



Stacey Nagareda

If a DC who just graduated from Chiropractic College asked my advice on how to build a successful practice, I’d tell them without hesitation to do three things:

  1. Take Dr. Rosen’s LAASR and DISC courses
  2. Sign up for weekly coaching with Dr. Rosen
  3. Purchase the Sub Station”
  4. Take Dr. Rosen’s LAASR and DISC courses
  5. Sign up for weekly coaching with Dr. Rosen
  6. Purchase the Sub Station

These three things have helped me more than double my practice and well on the way to quadrupling it! Russ has helped me to clarify my chiropractic philosophy…and hone my patient visits to take 5 -10 minutes instead of taking 30 minutes per patient. He has also helped me get patients to schedule and pay months in advance. All this in a small town ? known among bankers as being full of people who hate to spend their money!”

~ Stacey Nagareda, DC
Hilo, HI

"Dr. Rosen is a Chiropractor's Chiropractor and knows how to tap into what you need to do to achieve that next step.  After 8 years of attending various coaching groups and seminars, I found dozens of successful coaches with high volume practices, but none like Dr. Rosen.  I'm thankful I committed to Dr. Rosen's Communication Program and see why I couldn't resonate with others.  After our first coaching call, I became very clear on my weaknesses and what I have to do to strengthen them.  Dozens of Chiro Coaches out there and Dr. Rosen trumps all I've seen!  Appreciate you Doc!!!"

Really do appreciate you and all you do.  Many blessings and talk soon!

-James Le Fever

I think the program is fantastic!  It is much more comprehensive than I ever imagined!  I really appreciate the inclusion of the forms, posters and handouts.  I also feel like the approach matches my style, ethics and philosophy on chiropractic more than any other program I have looked at.

I appreciate all you've done.


Tomek Pajak

My name is Dr. Wayne Carr and I have been practicing in Healdsburg, CA for the last 26 years.  After beginning Dr. Rosen's Communication course, I have had my first phone consult with him and I just want to attest to the value of this process.

Russ is extremely personable, and readily sees through the barriers (at least that I have) so real communication becomes possible.  He is very generous and transparent, and not only addresses the consultation but any other questions as well.  I appreciate his straight-forwardness personally, as well as in presenting one's communications in practice.

There is also no hard-sell.  He has some great skills and products with his services, he explains them and how they integrate with each other, and wishes you the best.  I feel respected and honored by my sharing with him.

Dr Wayne Carr