This One Workshop Filled My Practice, Tripled My Collections And Helped To Keep Me Waitlisted Year After Year.


Dr. Pat Gentempo

"When it comes to communicating in an Optimal Health and Wellness model Russ possesses spectacularbattle-tested skills and strategies."

My name is Dr. Russ Rosen I want to share with you the one workshop that helped me stay waitlisted year after year.

I've shared this same talk with dozens of my clients and they predictably get the same results.

"When you know how to share the right story in the right way people are going to become better patients, get better results, have a better chance of sticking around to get the results they really want and you guessed it, they refer like crazy!"

Every chiropractic management company talks about how important patients workshops are and you know what? They’re right!

The trick to a successful presentation is finding or creating a talk that works for you! When you are speaking truth from your heart people love it. They’re informed, entertained and moved and that my friend is the foundation of any dream practice!

But there's obviously a big problem here...

Running successful, entertaining and engaging workshops is not a simple process, in fact trying to work this out can be a bit like working your way through a maze.

Putting together a successful talk is much like baking the perfect cake - there's a recipe and we've all seen the result when we get the recipe wrong.... :-(

Let me start by sharing the 4 biggest mistakes I see chiropractors making when it comes to delivering workshops:

  • They don’t have the right talks. You need to be able to speak YOUR truth. Trying to parrot someone else's truth is a recipe for disaster and I've seen this time and time again. A great talk will have a structure that should be able to be edited to fit your practice philosophy. Just because that talk worked for your buddy doesn't mean it's right for you.
  • They don't know the exact strategies to get people to their talks. This is a passion killer for many chiropractors. There's nothing more disheartening than feeling like you have a message to share but you have no audience. There is a science to inspiring your patients to your workshops. Once you learn this science you'll never talk to empty rooms again. 
  • They fail to open the talk in a powerful way. If you want your patients engaged in your message then the opening moments of the talk are the most critical. When you miss this it can be almost impossible to get the audience back.
  • They miss the close. If you want people to take action from your talk then you must know how to close the talk. Now, I'm not talking about high-pressure sleazy car salesman tactics. I'm talking about a close that inspires your patients to want to take action. When you learn how to do the close properly your patients will thank you for taking the time to share with them and many will walk straight to the front desk and schedule appointments for their entire families. 

The Fast Track To Health Training System

The Fast Track to Health Training System is more than just a workshop for your practice. When you buy this system you get a comprehensive online multimedia training program.

With this talk you'll be able to help shift the consciousness of your patients so they will HAPPILY want to stay, pay and refer for a lifetime!

Here's a taste of what's inside:

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    3 Hour dive deep training on not only WHAT to talk about but also HOW to give your talk. This training will help you understand the hidden secrets behind a great talk and help you hit the ground running from day one. 
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    Learn the right way to open and close talks. The open and the close are the two most important parts of the talk. I will show you exactly how to implement the perfect open and close so you can have your audience fully engaged and ready to take action.
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    Fast Track To Health Version 1. This workshop is designed to be delivered in 60 -90 minutes and includes 230 editable slides so you can personalize the talk to match your practice style and philosophy. Of course, you would NEVER use 230 slides. We give you one slide to discuss the subluxation; if you want to go deeper we have 3 slides, and if you really want to go into detail we have 7 slides. You choose how deep you want to go into each subject.
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    Fast Track To Health Version 2. This workshop is designed to be delivered in 30-45 minutes and includes 93 editable slides. Docs ask me all the time if I were to edit this talk down to the most important information, bare bones, what would I do; this is what I came up with.
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    Customizable statistics. This talk had been given by chiropractors around the globe. To maximize its impact we've gone to the trouble of including all the relevant health statistics for the following countries - USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, and England. 
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    Screen recording for better implementation. I have taken the time to do a screen recording of the entire presentation so you can watch along as I present the workshop.  
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    Audio recordings. You get access to MP3 audio recordings of The Fast Track To Health talk. Add this to your smartphone and so you can effortlessly learn the workshop while traveling to work or training at the gym.
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    Transcripts. I have each and every word of the Fast Track To Health workshop transcribed including all of the “why” behind the “how” into a 52-page document. For those of you that are visual learners, you will be able to follow word for word through the talk. 

How would your practice be different if you had a tool to inspire and engage your patients to HAPPILY stay, pay and refer for a lifetime?

The Fast Track To Health workshop normally sells for $1,497 and has been helping chiropractors around the globe produce their best years yet. Sure, you can find cheaper workshops out there, but none go into the type of detail we give with The Fast Track To Health Training System. With this powerful workshop, you will be able to predictably attract more new patients into your practice, boost collections and skyrocket retention.

Get These Special Bonuses Valued at $194

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    5-page training program HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO YOUR TALKS. The most powerful talk in the world is useless if you don't know how to get people there. I teach you 8 simple strategies that you can implement immediately to start getting more patients to your talks. Valued at $67
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    12-page training program on Outside Talks/Lunch and Learns/Community Talks. This training alone is worth the price of the entire program. Once you understand how to set up outside talks you have a predictable avenue to an almost unlimited supply of new patients. This could be the very best marketing tool in all of chiropractic right now. Doctors are attracting new patients like wildfire. Doctors are reporting outrageous numbers: 41new patients, 89 new patients, 28 new patients, 39 new patients, 25 new patients, FROM JUST ONE TALK! Valued at $127

What Our Clients Are Saying

"When it comes to communicating chiropractic in a true wellness model Dr. Russ is simply without peers. His strategies simply work! I just wish I had found his programs earlier. Thanks, Dr. Russ."
-Angus Pyke D.C

"Since starting to work with Russ our office has had the best year ever! Our per visit average for collections has doubled and all our patients are on the same fee schedule. Thanks again Russ for all that you do"
-Andre J. Camelli, D.C

"I have to say that coaching with Dr.Rosen has been one of the single best decisions I have made in my life. With your steady guiding hand you've allowed me to get the most from myself and, in turn, all others around me."
-Michael Acanfora, D.C.

"I implemented Dr. Russ's screening protocol in a local screening we did and our success rate went from about 20% to over 90%. Yes, we went from about 2 out of every 10 people signing up to 9 out of 10 signing up"
-Jodi Dinnerman, D.C.

The Fast Track To Health Training System Is For You If:

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    You want to Easily and Effortlessly build a highly profitable True Optimal Health Wellness Chiropractic Practice
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    You want to build authority in your community
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    You want to create a loyal following
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    You want to skyrocket your internal referrals (the best kind of new patients)
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    You would like to take more time off
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    You would like to boost profitability

If within 30 days you decide this isn't the best-valued workshop training program available, let me know and I’ll give you a FULL REFUND! No questions asked. And you can still keep EVERYTHING. No Wiggle clauses. Your word is gold. You have nothing to lose and the risk is all with me (as it should be).


Get this and EVERYTHING I have ever produced for one flat monthly subscription with a TON of other benefits!
(Month to month subscription. No long term contract.)

Includes more than 100 training topics full of printable resources, customizable templates, and invigorating ideas to take your practice to the next level!


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