Chiropractic Communications Mastery

We help you understand how to communicate with patients differently so they "get" what you do and WANT what you offer WITHOUT sleazy sales tricks, scare tactics, or frustrating methods that just don't work.


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When your patients don't really hear you, nothing else falls into place for your practice.

If your average patient doesn’t stick around for at LEAST 60 visits (PVA or retention) and you’re not getting TONS of internal referrals without asking, then they don’t get it and you’re never going to find the success you really want in practice.

If your patients are leaving because they feel better or because they don’t, they don’t get it, either!

Our Comprehensive Chiropractic Communications Program Covers ​EXACTLY What You Need to Convert Patients So They Stay, Pay, and Refer for a LIFETIME.

First Contact & PreConsultation

From the moment you have the opportunity to make your first impression, you can begin forming a strong bond with each new patient. Doctors who are consistently knocking it out of the park start with the kind of first impression that instantly and effortlessly stands them apart from the competition - and I show you EXACTLY how to do that.

Doctor's Consultation

What if I told you that the doctor's consultation is ABSOLUTELY the point when most potential patients make up their mind to never come back? It's the truth. This time with your patients one-on-one is pivotal, yet so many doctors get it wrong. I want to show you my simple method for connecting the dots and turning this time into a priceless opportunity to win patients for life.

Doctor's Exam

Regardless of your technique or specialization, there are some incredibly important things that need to happen during your doctor's exam. I help you get incredibly clear on what those things are and then model those behaviors so that you can get started and improving with your very next exam. Get to the root of what's important and then build your case upon it.

ROF 1, 2, 3
Your Report of Findings is vital because it represents a decision for your new patients. I broke it out into three unique training modules so that we can nail it, together. If you're tired of hearing patients "need to go home and think about it", then you're going to be ready to jump into my three part ROF series. You'll discover the top tricks and tips I've used in my practice and in my private coaching clients' practices to turn this moment into something exciting that has patients chomping at the bit to move forward WITH you.
Daily Interactions

Once someone becomes a patient, your job isn't quite over! We are all too aware of the tremendous number of options that patients have for care in just about every city and town in the world. You can't count on them coming to see you for care for the rest of their life unless you build a relationship and continue to strengthen it. I'll show you easy activities and conversations that will make your daily interactions so much better. You'll have a happy, positive office full of pleased patients ready to bring you their friends and family, too!

Dealing with Difficult Questions

What happens when someone can't afford care for a while? What about when they're feeling "better"? These are only two of the many difficult questions that you deal with. When you don't know how to address them effectively, you lose patients. While it can be easy to blame the individuals, there are some great things you can do to make sure that, when these questions come up, you're ready for them and in a better position to continue the relationship with your patient. Get to what matters and you'll find that difficult questions are no longer that tough!

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     Instant Online Access: The moment you join, you'll have unbridled access to all of the content, resources, and videos so that you can operate at YOUR pace! This chiropractor coaching program is tailored to fit YOUR needs.
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    Ready-to-Use Printable Materials: Skip the costs of a graphic artist and use the materials we provide in YOUR office. Print them out and put them to work the same day!
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    Live Half Hour to Power Calls & Recordings: When we all get on the phone together, we do AMAZING things! Our monthly chiropractic coaching calls are energizing opportunities to ask questions, look for peer support, and continue to excel. Oh, we don't trash these, either - they're ALL in the archive (with descriptions) and ready for you to download and listen in, no matter when you join!
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    Private Peer-to-Peer Facebook Community: Once you join, we will bring you into our private community where we talk about real issues, real situations, and real successes in the practices of our members. You'll find lots of great value here and meet others who are trying to achieve goals similar to your own.

Dr. Pat Gentempo, DC

Co-Founder, CLA

When it comes to communicating in an Optimal Health and Wellness model, Russ Rosen possesses spectacular battle-tested skills and strategies.

I Received CLA's Lifetime Achievement Award for the strategies in THIS PROGRAM!

It Reflects My Career's Work and Has Changed Lives Across the Globe.

I Am SO Proud to Share It With You.
You can totally do this (yes I mean you!). This is likely the most comprehensive and step-by-step program for transforming a chiropractic business around.
If you have the passion, I have the path!

...But Don't Just Take OUR Word For It. Hear From Docs Who Have LIVED the Transformation to an Optimal Health Chiropractic Practice!

Dr. Ellie Rolnick

"[With] the 'patient scare' model of Chiropractic, I was a master at signing patients up for long periods of care so their spines wouldn’t degenerate any further...that fear, in the long run, is not a healthy motivating factor. I’m now learning to inspire my patients to have long-term care because of the health and wellness benefits that it offers them."

Matt Deegan, DC

Michelle Neilson, DC

Dr. Andre Camelli

"Our PVA for collections has doubled and all of our patients are on the same fee schedule. The time we were spending on new patient exams, reports, and re-exams has literally cut in half due to the streamlined communication skills we have attained."

Still Not Convinced?

Click below to read 47 PAGES of chiropractic coaching reviews from chiropractors who went from being tired of struggling to FINALLY making it in without scaring patients!

We've Created a Completely Unique Chiropractor Communications Program With the Knowledge, Tools, and Resources Needed to Effectively and Rapidly MASTER Your Communication as an Optimal Health Expert.

The Hardest Step is the FIRST. Are You Ready to Work Together?